Did You Expect Anything Different?

The Summerside Sniper is on a tear. Would you expect anything different?

Jeremy McKenna has scored at every level along the way. Nevertheless, he has faced his share of criticism at every turn.

That’s what makes his early success in the pro ranks so special. McKenna’s path to professional hockey is a story of perseverance and resiliency.

The 21-year-old elite level scorer has never given up on his dream. McKenna’s early success shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The pride of Summerside is one of the hardest working athletes to ever come out of the province.

From PEI to Wichita, Kanas, McKenna continues to play inspired hockey proving the critics wrong, but more importantly proving he belongs.

Photo Credit The Wichita Thunder

The Toronto Marlies signed the natural goal scorer last April after a monumental QMJHL career with the Moncton Wildcats.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the start of the AHL season, the organization loaned McKenna to the Wichita Thunder of the ECHL.

It might seem like a subtle predictable move, but it’s a great indicator that the Leafs believe in McKenna’s talent and want the proud Islander going on all cylinders for the much anticipated start of the AHL season.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Every athlete longs for a second chance or opportunity. Jeremy McKenna has earned all of his.

McKenna had a brief taste of the pro ranks last year signing a one-year AHL deal with the Calgary Flames organization.

In mid October, McKenna made the difficult decision to put his lifelong dream on hold for one final run at junior hockey supremacy with the Wildcats.

The Cats and McKenna were well on their way until the season ended due to the horrific COVID-19 pandemic.

The years of dedication, preparation and unwavering passion and commitment continue to pay dividends for McKenna.

The endless criticism along the path to pros was all white noise for the Summerside Sniper.

Jeremy McKenna is on a tear playing the game he loves, living out his dream. Why did you expect anything different?

In his first 5 professional games McKenna has 4 goals and 2 assists.

His resilient journey should be admired and celebrated by all young aspiring Maritimers, that anything is possible when it comes to the game of hockey when you work hard.

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