The Trade That Never Happened

“Sometimes the best trades you make are the one’s you don’t make,” said one former QMJHL executive a few years back.

We see all the trades and multiple draft picks moving back and forth, but what about the trades that aren’t made?

Unfortunately, those “would be” trades are never talked about for obvious reasons.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear from QMJHL General Managers about the trades they didn’t make that they either regret or celebrate.

Clearly none of them would ever discuss the behind the scenes inter-workings of the trade period, but I’m sure they could tell some stories.

You see those stories are revealed countless years after the fact at the 19th hole or while having a few drinks with scouting staffs either at the draft or team functions.

Trust me, I’ve heard a few of those discussions over the years, but I don’t care to share….for obvious reasons.

There’s countless sides to any trade period and believe it or not, GM’s are human to.

It’s an extremely difficult time of year for them as well.

At the end of the day it’s a business and they have to do what’s ultimately right for their organization, but that doesn’t mean they don’t regret or feel awful about moving kids.

They could never come out and say it publicly because they would lose their job, but emotions definitely run high when these types of decisions have to be made and when it comes time to talk to their players and their families.

From the outside looking in, we often see the stoic, rigid and business like persona from GM’s at the rink, but behind close doors these extremely passionate hockey minds are trying to do what’s right for the player and the organization.

Their job is a dream job, but it can also be a nightmare.

One can only imagine the stress and pressure they feel from ownership and every other facet of the game.

In many ways GM’s are like coaches they are also hired to be fired.

You want to know why things are quiet right now around the QMJHL Trade Period?

Because that’s how the GM’s like to keep it. Sure that’s how the most deals get done, but they are doing their best to protect their players and their families while keeping the best interest of their organization as a top priority.

The next time you are quick to criticize a GM for a trade that they make, try to think about the deals they haven’t made and what’s riding on their decisions.

That will probably put some things in perspective for you.

“Sometimes the best trades you make are the one’s you don’t make.”

The QMJHL have some amazing hockey minds at the helm of their franchises, but first and foremost they have some great people that care about the players, their organizations and most importantly the game.

Oh and by the way if you ever hear any old trade talk relish every minute of it, because it’s great, but keep it to yourself, it’s better that way!

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