Upcoming Vote Will Determine the Future of the Moncton Coliseum

According to a source the future of the beloved Moncton Coliseum could be in peril.
One source reported that the city is going to vote on the future of the building in the weeks ahead.
Another source reported that the facilities aging ice plant may have to be replaced and that a vote by council is needed for the replacement to occur.

The second source believes the Coliseum complex will remain as is and that the vote to replace the ice plant should go through.
There’s no question every city run sports and recreation facility has taken a massive hit during the horrific COVID-19 pandemic.
Nevertheless, the Coliseum could still be a hidden gem for the city moving forward.


When things finally return to normal the Coliseum could still play host to a plethora of events and continue to serve the public in many different ways.
When the Avenir Centre first opened there was talk that the Coliseum would close it’s doors for good.
It’s no secret that the city is still paying property taxes for the rink and that those taxes would sky rocket if the arena was used for other purposes.

There’s no question the building complex is still extremely serviceable and versatile.
From conventions, to hockey tournaments, to basketball and volleyball training facilities, to home and boat shows the Coliseum and Agrena Complex still has what it takes to serve the citizens of Moncton while generating revenue.
The City of Moncton could use a similar model to that of the
Halifax Forum.

Halifax has done a tremendous job honouring the city’s diverse hockey history at the old forum.
It would be great to see the City of Moncton follow suit.
With the Moncton Sports Wall of Fame at the Avenir Centre, it would be great to see the city’s various collectors and hockey historians join forces with Resurgo Place to create a hockey museum full of memorabilia that could be permanently displayed at the Coliseum.

The arena’s lobby, old “Roar Store”location and former Wildcats offices or even an old concessions stand could be converted into a fantastic area to display the city’s vast array of hockey history.
The future of the Moncton Coliseum might be unknown, but it’s clear the arena complex can still impact the landscape the city’s diverse recreational and sporting needs for years to come.

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