Orange Phase Continues to Shift Focus

Obviously, everyone wants to play games right now, but given our current situation in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia just being on ice is a bonus.

In a way it’s very surprising that rinks are still open given the shift back to the Orange Phase.

The second wave of COVID-19 is definitely upon us and we all need to do what’s right.

The game of hockey needs to take a back seat to life right now. Sure everyone misses playing games, but all that shouldn’t matter.

The health and the safety of everyone should be the top priority.

With all the safety perimeters and guidelines in place, coaches and players in the Orange Zones have an opportunity to practice.

If we have learned anything during these times it’s to be thankful for what we have, take nothing for granted.

For now the Orange Zones still have the opportunity to practice and continue to work on their foundational skills.

Being able to step on the ice and train safely should be all that matters right now.

There’s probably some players that are getting sick and tired of practice, especially given the last eight months or so, but again it should still be a privilege and honour to be able to go to the rink.

You see we are so accustom to playing more games that practices in this region and perhaps country that for the first time ever we are seeing what other countries emphasize and promote as the norm.

The Orange Phase has shifted the focus of our beloved game.

Individual skill based training is at the forefront of so many countries hockey culture. We just don’t see that here. In many ways one could argue that’s why we aren’t producing more elite level players.

Our region is used to the 2 to 1 or 2 to 2 ratio, between practices and games.

There’s so much emphasis placed on games that we have undoubtedly lost sight on the developmental aspects of the game.

Obviously, everyone wants to play games right now and I get that, but coaches now more than ever should be using this time to reiterate the vital importance of individual skill development and progression.

Now isn’t the time for team systems, now is the time to get players ready and more prepared for the next level. Now is the time where player development surpasses the importance of winning.

Let’s stay safe and follow all the health and safety protocols that are in place.

Let’s make the best out of the situation that we are in.

Let’s not complain or gripe about not playing games, let’s focus on growth and player development which has always taken a back seat to winning.

Stay safe, we are all in this together and let’s keep everything in perspective.

Let’s keep all of the essential workers and Health Care providers in our thoughts and prayers.

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