Stamp of Approval

A young savvy business mind can be a very valuable commodity.
Many young adolescences haven’t tapped into their full potential and creative side.
For some it takes years to surface. The thoughts and ideas are present, but very few have the courage to act.
All Olivier Aucoin and Mario Chevarie ever needed was an opportunity.

Friends turned classmates Aucoin and Chevarie found themselves in the same class where they were encouraged to create and explore.
The class, Entrepreneurship 411, the idea took some time to come up with, but a shared passion for the game of golf was all that was needed.
“Stamping and customizing clubs was always a passion of mine,” Aucoin said.
“We had to start a business in class, so I think it was the perfect idea,” admitted the mature well-spoken 17-year-old.
What is stamping clubs and what does it entail?
“We stamp wedges with any letters or numbers, we then paintfil them for $15,” explained Aucoin.
A personalized message, a funny phrase or motivational swing thought, anything goes when it’s customized.
“Of course, if you want something bigger it’s going to cost extra,” Aucoin said with a smile.
Aucoin and Chevarie did have second thoughts initially about their business plan, which is perfectly natural considering any first-time business venture.

“I didn’t think we were going to have this big of success. We starting out of nothing really,” Aucoin said.
“Oli talked to me about the business idea and I thought it would be perfect for the class,” Chevarie said.
“Honestly I didn’t think we would have this much success not when we started, but after the first two orders, I saw the potential that it could have,” explained Chevarie.
“I had a couple of friends that I was talking to about my project and they really enjoyed it so it pretty much went on from there,” Chevarie added.
The long-time friends and passionate golfers believe their little business idea might now deserve top marks.
“With the time that we have put into it, I would like a 90% and above,” confessed Chevarie.
“I think we will get a 95+ because we already made money so that helps are grade,” Aucoin said confidently.
Obviously, their final mark is out of their control, but their customizing business has already made them a profit. Nevertheless, the courage to take a leap of faith and trust their creativity will serve them well in any future endeavors.
“The goal was to make a bit of money, but the way it’s going I could see the business get bigger with time,” said Chevarie.
“The basic goal of the project was to make money. With COVID, I’m not sure how far it’s going to go because there’s just so many people in the Moncton area that play golf, hopefully we get more requests in the meantime,” stressed Aucoin.
Aucoin and Chevarie first learned how to the play golf at Country Meadows Golf Club.
Like so many others, “The Meadows” has quickly become their second home.
“I have been a member at Country Meadows since the first day I touched a club,” said a reflective Aucoin.
“That was four years ago,” he added.
“I felt at home at Country Meadows and this summer I started working there.”
It’s not uncommon to see Aucoin playing or practicing before and after his shift.
The young ambitious golfer truly loves the game.
“I don’t have to leave,” Aucoin said of playing and working at “The Meadows”.
“The food is unreal. Sometimes I eat all three meals there.”
“Golf is my happy place,” Aucoin said proudly.
“The game of golf is why I stopped playing hockey and soccer. I found that golf was the only sport I could get away and forget about all the bad things.”
“John Lawson, Doug Sullivan and Louis Melanson have helped me a lot.”
“The group of guys that I play with have helped me a lot as well,” Aucoin said proudly.
“Every time I play with those guys it’s like a mini tournament and it has definitely helped me with my tournament play.”
Aucoin’s dedication to the game and the endless hours playing and practicing as certainly paid off.

He has committed to Sterling College in Kansas to play golf at the collegiate level next season.
“Part of the money earned with the business will go towards college,” Aucoin said.
Every great idea and dream has a starting point. Those that are courageous enough to take a leap of faith often are the first to get rewarded.
Trusting the process, your ideas and creativity take anyone where they want to go in business, golf, but more importantly in life.
If you are interesting in customized golf club stamping you can contact Olivier Mario Standard Customization via text message at 506-850-2103

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