Nadeau Deserves A Long Look

As many predicted Josh Nadeau is tearing up the Maritime Hockey League.

The St-Francois de Madawaska, New Brunswick product is arguably the circuits brightest star.

The ultra talented play maker is adding sniper to his already amazing offensive arsenal.

Photo Credit Percy Picard

Sure he’s always scored goals, but this is different.

The quiet 17 year old scoring sensation has scored 4 goals and 8 assists in the Edmundston Blizzards first 5 games.

Unfortunately there might be some critics questioning Nadeau’s decision to play in the MHL.

The MHL is a tremendously underrated league and perhaps the same can be said about the talent within it, especially when it comes to Josh Nadeau.

Nevertheless, there are always critics out there.

You can talk about the league, the competition and the quality of players within it all day long until your blue in the face, but that doesn’t discredit what Josh Nadeau is doing.

Nadeau deserves a long look from NHL scouts and they will certainly get because his NHL Draft year is in 2022.

Sure this kid has faced criticism about his size and strength throughout his entire career, but he continues to be “chamaeleon like” in every way when it comes to producing at each level.

Josh Nadeau is on a different planet when it comes to processing the game of hockey.

Obviously, there’s a potential plan in place for Nadeau to explore the US College route, which is undoubtedly a massive loss for the Acadia-Bathurst Titan.

However, it’s really unfortunate that along the way Nadeau has faced the same old criticism time and time again.

Photo Credit Edmundston Blizzard

“Too small, not strong enough, or not quick enough.”

Perhaps some NHL scouts may share that opinion, but they should still go watch the kid play.

He does things on the ice that leave you questioning the impossible.

Game in, game out the little quiet unassuming kid from rural New Brunswick continues to amaze.

You see Nadeau doesn’t want to make a name for himself, he just wants to play.

The modest shy kid who had to travel hours upon hours over the years just to go practice and move away from home at a young age just simply wants to play.

Nadeau is a throwback player, he plays for the love of the game not all of the attention and accolades.

Goals and points don’t matter to him, it’s all about team success, it’s all about the W.

Under the quiet exterior lurks a competitive intrinsic drive and fire that burns brighter than most, which goes unnoticed to the casual onlooker.

The diminutive elite level scorer is the still arguably one of the smartest players I have ever seen play the game.

His wizardry with the puck and ability to play and excel in high traffic areas will definitely translate to the next level.

Watching Josh Nadeau play the game reminds me of scene in Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece “Trouble With the Curve”

Eastwood’s daughter in the film “Mickey” played by Amy Adams discovers Rigoberto, “a lefty fireballer with incredible speed and velocity.”

“I’ve seen him, I swear to you, he’s the real thing,” she told the Atlanta Braves Head Scout near the end of the film.

You see that’s exactly how I feel about Josh Nadeau.

“He’s the real thing.”

Will he play QMJHL hockey? Will he play College hockey? Will he get drafted into the NHL? Will he ever play pro hockey?

Time will certainly tell and we will all have to wait and see, but he’s the real thing and he deserves a long long look from NHL scouts.

Don’t believe me, buy a ticket and go watch, you won’t be disappointed, if anything you will be amazed!

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