It’s Jakob Pelletier’s Time to Shine on a National Stage

You would be hard pressed to find a better player or person than Jakob Pelletier.

It’s been a long road for Pelletier to get back to this point of his international career.

Pelletier had a great opportunity to crack the line up a season ago, but a lower body injury derailed his dream.

Photo Credit Hockey Canada

Everything has led to this moment in time, his final opportunity to represent his country.

There’s no question its Jakob Pelletier’s time to shine with Canada’s World Junior team.

The ups and downs of the game can impact anyone at anytime.

Jakob Pelletier has faced his share of adversity with the game, but has always persevered.

You see Pelletier’s character and drive is truly unparalleled.

The 19 year old highly skilled two-way forward should be a perfect fit for Team Canada’s World Junior team.

He’s a leader, he can play up and down the lineup with relative ease.

Obviously, Hockey Canada have all of their “ghost rosters” in place, but Jakob Pelletier needs to be on any and every roster they have made and let’s hope he lands on their final roster at the end of their selection camp.

This heart and soul player never takes a shift off, he deserves to make the team, but he’s certainly earned it by his inspired play over the last few seasons in the QMJHL.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

It was an honour to see this kid play the game for the last three seasons.

Pelletier competed every night no matter what.

From the massive rebuild to a championship caliber team with Memorial Cup aspirations, Jakob Pelletier always led the way on and off the ice.

He was always there to motivate or kick a teammate in the ass when needed.

He spoke up at all the right times and cracked the odd joke from the back of the bus after a tough loss to break the tension.

The ultimate teammate and captain led by example every night.

Jakob Pelletier pours his heart into everything he ever did in the game especially here in the Hub City.

Québec and the Maritimes are very familiar with what Jakob Pelletier can bring to a hockey team, now the rest of Canada will hopefully see it first hand when he dons the Maple Leaf during this Holiday season.

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