Spence Leaves a Lasting Legacy on the MHL, QMJHL and the City of Moncton

Spence Leaves a Lasting Legacy on Two Leagues

Jordan Spence’s time with the Moncton Wildcats is coming to an end.

Spence burst onto the scene three years ago after going undrafted and turning in a dominant performance with the Summerside Western Capitals of the Maritime Hockey League as a sixteen year old.

You see Jordan Spence’s name will be uttered around these parts for years to come given his amazing journey in the game and outstanding perspective on life and hockey.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

The entire Spence family were along for the ride. By now everyone knows their story, but their ability to connect with people at every stop along the way really showcases their kindness, generosity and down to earth mentality.

Simply put the Spence’s are amazing people that have embraced every second of the ride.

That’s what makes Jordan Spence’s path so intriguing.

He plays every shift and every game with unparalleled passion and urgency.

Spence’s days with the Wildcats are coming to end.

The writing is on the wall. Clearly Spence will be moved during the QMJHL Trade Period, but there’s no question his legacy with the Cats and time in the Q will live on for a long long time.

Jordan Spence’s story of unwavering commitment and magical journey will continue to inspire young players from the Maritimes.

Spence’s story will provide hope for the late bloomer. His story will motivate all of the diminutive skilled defenders, but more importantly Jordan Spence’s story will be carried by coaches and scouts alike.

When Jordan Spence’s name is brought up everyone will know the type of player he was, he is and will become.

In a league and a region never shirt on storylines, Jordan Spence’s is one of the best in the last decade.

Very few players and people have left a lasting legacy on the game.

Jordan Spence has done in two different leagues, but more importantly he did it on his own terms.

Moncton will miss Jordan Spence.

Moncton will miss the entire Spence family.

Thank you Jordan,

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