Surplus of Overagers A Cause for Concern for the Wildcats?

The Moncton Wildcats have found their winning ways, but something has to give with their overage situation.

Jacob Hudson clearly is the odd man out right which is extremely difficult to watch given what that kid has done for the organization.

Photo Daniel St Louis

Nevertheless, that’s the business side of the game especially when you have a surplus of 20’s.

There was a strong sense that Dakota Lund Cornish was going to be the odd man out given the scenario with high profile import goaltender Val Usnik coming in as an 19 and subsequent with signing of rookie netminder Nicholas Sheehan.

There’s no question the surprise return of Gabriel Fortier handcuffed Wildcats Director of Hockey Ops Ritchie Thibeau.

When rumours had the AHL starting up in December Thibeau must have been extremely pleased.

Obviously any time you have a classy impact veteran in the stands by design has to be a tough sell.

With the prospect of Fortier only staying onboard for two months was something they could definitely live with, but as time has gone on the numbers game might be taking its toll.

It’s highly unlikely that the AHL won’t return until February so that leaves Thibeau and Wildcats in a very tough spot.

Everyone knows what Jacob Hudson brings on and off the ice.

The kid was born to play the game, the kid was born to wear the “C”.

You see that’s why it’s so hard not seeing #92 on the ice.

Hudson has handled the entire situation with class and dignity.

Simply put the Antigonish, Nova Scotia product is a true pro.

The ultimate team first player is the glue and the heart and soul within the Cats dressing room.

Hudson plays the game with an unparalleled passion.

The entire hockey world knows the Cats roster is going to look extremely different in the new year, but that doesn’t help their current situation.

Several questions only add to the overage intrigue.

When are the Euro’s going to arrive in Moncton?

Are they ever going to arrive or has that ship sailed?

If the pair of Euro’s do arrive that will undoubtedly have an impact on the overage situation.

It’s surprising that the Wildcats and other Maritimes Division teams haven’t been able to make any headway on the import front.

It’s November and there’s nothing to report. A matter of fact it’s eerily quiet on that front which can’t be good.

Usually import news has a trickle down effect or in many cases it’s like playing phone in elementary school.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, but it would appear everyone is fresh out of matches or rumours for that matter.

The governmental hurdles that are currently in place might be insurmountable for the Cats and the rest of the teams in the Maritimes.

What about teams that need 20’s?

Could Thibeau pull the trigger on a deal to part ways with an overager?

With Jordan Spence leaving in two weeks for World Junior Selection Camp, one could speculate that Thibeau wouldn’t trade Tristan DeJong given his impact on the D-corps, but you never know, the Cats do have a plethora of young defenders on the roster.

Obviously, Thibeau isn’t going to trade Fortier given his situation and Lund Cornish given the fact he’s carrying the team on his shoulders, so that only leaves Hudson.

Jacob Hudson deserves to play. He deserves an opportunity to play in his final year of Major Junior hockey.

When Jacob Hudson broke into the Q, he gave Wildcat fans hope. Every time #92 suited up and stepped on the ice it meant something. Hudson plays with grit, character and a passion that inspires his teammates and fans alike.

Jacob Hudson is a throw back player that understands the value of hard work, dedication and commitment.

Hudson embodies the class and dignity of a true professional. He embodies the Wildcat way.

#92 was part of the epic rebuild, he was one the foundational pieces in which the Cats built around.

There’s heart and soul, then there’s Jacob Hudson.

Business is business, but sometimes the business side of the game is off side.

It’s unclear when or if moves will be made. The surplus of Wildcat overagers isn’t an issue because of the character of players and that alone speaks volumes about the type of people the Cats have as overagers.

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