The Titan Rookie That No One Is Talking About

Marc Andre Gaudet can flat out play the game.

He isn’t the flashiest player, actually you probably haven’t even noticed him out there, but you soon will.

Gaudet played the last two seasons with the Northern Moose of the NB/PEI Major U-18 Hockey League.

The highly skilled two-way defender logged massive minutes for the Moose.

The Moose certainly had a steep learning curve in Gaudet’s rookie season with countless first year players trying to find their way at the Midget level.

Gaudet showed tremendous promise throughout the entire campaign.

Trust me it was a tough go for the entire team that season, but Gaudet never backed down, kept coming, kept pushing back and by the end of season quietly became one of the best two-way defenders in the entire league.

Photo Credit Hickling Images

Gaudet and the Moose showed great resiliency when confronted with adversity and that’s one thing scouts notice more now than ever.

Obviously, it’s extremely difficult to scout young defenders on rebuilding or sub par teams.

Gaudet’s talents didn’t jump off the page in his draft year, but if you chose to go deeper every scout could see or project his full potential.

Marc Andre Gaudet isn’t flashy, he just makes all the right plays at the right times, which is exactly what you want in a young rearguard.

He possesses outstanding puck skills and instincts for the game.

Like many young defenders Gaudet will undoubtedly have to continue to work on getting stronger and work on his explosiveness to reach his potential and excel, but he’s certainly on an amazing trajectory.

Don’t worry Gaudet’s time on ice will steadily increase with the Titan as the season progresses.

You see Marc Andre Gaudet is a perfect example for other young draft eligible defenceman to model their game after.

It’s incredibly important to play to your identity, to trust the process and focus on becoming a complete player rather than just a one dimensional defender.

There’s so much attention on offence in the game today that some young defenceman forget their first priority, their own zone.

It’s also incredibly important not to rush the process and try to be something you’re not.

Gaudet’s second year in Midget was ten times better than his first not because he was drafted or that he did more, because he understood his role and place in the game.

He could experiment more with the puck, he gained tons of confidence in all three zones, but more importantly he had room and space to grow and develop.

The rebuilding Titan didn’t rush him a season ago, they gave him an opportunity to practice regularly with the team and play a few games last year to see what the QMJHL was really like.

The Titan scouting staff definitely hit a homerun when they drafted Marc Andre Gaudet.

He might be the Titan rookie that no one talks about, but rest assured they soon will.

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