Three Down, Seven To Go

The only thing that may stop Chad Arsenault and the Acadie Bathurst Titan from winning and being in every game, is a rule.

As they say a rule is a rule and it must be followed.

Video Photo Courtesy Rogers TV

The Acadie Bathurst Titan have made by far the best trade in 2020 when they acquired Chad Arsenault for a 9th round selection from the Charlottetown Islanders.

You see that’s where the problem lies.

The Titan made the deal with the Isles after the trade period window had closed.

The Titan were forced to sign Arsenault as an affiliate player.

Sadly, Chad Aresenault is only allowed to play ten games before Christmas.

Photo Credit Saint John Sea Dogs

Yes that’s right, only ten.

If you’re keeping track, which I’m sure you are, he has already played three and he’s been nothing short of spectacular.

The Titan have twenty-two games remaining before Christmas, but who’s counting.

Acadie Bathurst have a number of goalies in their stable, but they’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of star import netminder Yan Bednar.

The Detroit Red Wings 2020 4th rounder will undoubtedly own the net when he arrives.

For the time being, it looks like newly signed 19 year old OHL netminder Christian Sbaraglia will get a chance take over the number one job.

So where does that leave Chad Arsenault?

Aresenault has certainly earned every opportunity to play and let’s face it, he’s already solidified the starting role, unfortunately the countdown is on.

A rule is a rule, which clearly kind of sucks for the organization and the player.

Nevertheless, this technicality certainly won’t deter from the best story so far in the QMJHL.

Arsenault’s start to his career is truly awe-inspiring.

One QMJHL team executive compared Aresenault’s early success to that of former diminutive Q netminder Blade Mann Dixon.

Mann Dixon battled to prove critics wrong and ended up playing as an overager in the league.

The entire hockey and scouting world for that matter love making comparisons, so here’s mine.

Chad Arsenault’s compete level rivals that of former Conn Smythe winner and 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Tim Thomas.

Arsenault is relentless, he never gives up on pucks and will do just about anything to keep the puck out of his net.

I realize comparisons aren’t fair most of the time, but this one has everything to do with the 18 year-olds heart and willingness to do anything to help his team win and that’s exactly the type of goaltender Timmy “The Tank” Thomas was.

Through three games, Aresenault has a 2-0-1 record, a sparkling 1.26 GAA with a 0.967 save percentage.

Three down, seven to go, twenty-two remaining.

You can look at the numbers all you want, I’m going to focus on the story and a kid taking full advantage of an opportunity.

Chad Arsenault will go any distance to continue to prove he belongs in the QMJHL.

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