Maritime Based QMJHL Families Scrambling For Tickets

Got some! Need some!

The familiar sound of scalpers in every NHL city an hour and half before puck drop certainly adds to the atmosphere and true essence of a NHL game.

Don’t worry, you won’t be hearing any of that this season around the Maritimes, but rest assured the race is on for QMJHL families based in the region when it comes to acquiring single game tickets.

Graphic Content courtesy CHL

Those families lucky enough to have their son playing on a Maritimes Division based Q team will looking long and hard to acquire tickets.

Home and away, these families want to see their son’s live out their hockey dreams.

Given the COVID-19 restrictions and protocols limited ticket access has undoubtedly thrown a massive wrench in many families plans this season.

Maritime based QMJHL families are very close to each other, surprisingly it’s very loyal fraternity.

Many families even travel together to away games to cut travel costs.

One can only imagine what families with son’s on Quebec based teams and vice versa are going through knowing that they won’t have the opportunity to watch their son play for the entire season.

Graphic Content QMJHL

Don’t get me wrong everyone is thrilled that hockey is back, but these passionate hockey loving families do struggle from time to time.

Home sickness is definitely a two way street.

These families want to be as close to their son’s as they can and sometimes FaceTime just doesn’t cut it.

These parents want to experience every second of every game they possibly can to help and support their son in any way so they can reach their full potential.

These are very challenging times for everyone involved.

If you have ever had the pleasure to watch a game with a player’s family or have sat close to them you know where their son’s true passion and love for the game originated.

The raw emotion of the family is revealed every time their son steps on the ice.

It’s truly something to behold.

It’s one aspect of the game that can never ever be taken away from these families.

From their first game, to their first goal, to all the ups and downs, to each and every personal milestone along the way, the journey is shared.

Hockey dreams are shared and they are meant to be shared together in person as many times as humanly possibly.

Got some?

Need some?

Families across the Maritimes Division are getting ready for the start of a season like no other.

Every player and their family know how special it is to be able to play the game they love, let’s all hope they can get to share that moment and experience together.

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