An Unforgettable Trio

#11, #12 and #24

Three numbers that Moncton Wildcat fans will never soon forget.

Jakob Pelletier, Jeremy McKenna and Mika Cyr carried the franchise for the last three years.

Their skill, work ethic, charisma, passion and character made us all take notice.

They embodied what it meant to be a Wildcat.

From the community to the ice, these three players stayed true to themselves, they never changed.

What you saw is what you got from the trio of former Wildcats.

Watching Moncton Wildcat hockey won’t be the same, without having #11,#12 and #24 in the lineup.

It seemed like those three young aspiring athletes always had the answer.

When confronted with adversity, you could always count on that trio to lead the way.

The Wildcats will be looking to build around players like that for years to come, but this city will never soon forget what Jakob Pelletier, Jeremy McKenna and Mika Cyr did during their tenure with the hockey club.

Their final year in the Hub City didn’t go as planned the final chapter will never be written, but did they ever write an amazing story while they were here.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

For the first time in what seems forever, #11,#12 and #24 won’t be taking to the ice for Training Camp.

A new story is to be written, but that trio’s mark on the franchise and city which they called home will never be forgotten.

Their numbers may very well change in the next chapters of their careers.

Jersey numbers mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people around the game of hockey.

#11, #12 and #24 will always mean something in this city.

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