QMJHL Quarantine Quandary

What’s life like in QMJHL quarantine?

That’s quite the quandary. I guess will only know after the two weeks are up!

By all accounts the QMJHL teams have done an outstanding job bringing players in for quarantine.

One can only imagine the logistical efforts that have taken place and continue to take place throughout this time.

Things remain very quiet, like eerily quiet on the social media front regarding quarantine and organizations are staying very tight lipped on the locations where the quarantining is taking place and rightfully so.

That’s no one’s business.

There’s no question organizations are probably getting pretty creative and keeping their players active both mentally and physically and doing everything in their power to keep them in shape and fully engaged during this time.

This two week period has to be challenging for everyone involved, but as one team executive once said “with adversity comes opportunity.”

One would assume all the organizations are approaching this period of time differently.

Nevertheless, if you think about it, this time away from the rink might in fact be beneficial on a number or fronts for the players or not? I guess time will certainly tell that story.

Nonetheless, this fourteen day period is an excellent way for organizations to get to know their players on a personal level, acclimatize them to team protocols, routines, and cultural norms and expectations.

Hell they might potentially start implementing team systems as well.

No need to worry, all of that will be done at a distance, unless a coach from abroad needed to quarantine as well.

Obviously the number of players quarantining for each team will definitely vary.

There’s a strong sense that the players that are currently quarantining won’t see action in the teams first preseason games which got scheduled very early on training camp.

We won’t know what life was like in the QMJHL quarantine until that time is over, but rest assure these young aspiring players will be eager to hit the ice and prove or reestablish themselves within the league.

I wonder what day they are all on right now?

Don’t worry all you have to do is ask, I’m sure they all know.

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