“The Huskie Way”

The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies have always done it the right way.

The Huskies are arguably one of the best organizations in the QMJHL for drafting and developing, their track record and success speaks for itself.

There’s no secret formula behind their success or maybe there is?

You see the Huskies organization have an amazing track record for finding and projecting talent.

Once they draft those players the Huskies don’t rush them and focus on development.

They ensure their players feel comfortable both on the ice and off.

The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies just do the right way, “the Huskie way.”

What does “the Huskie way” mean?

Well it all starts with the right people.

If you look at their recent success it’s all about coaching, Gilles Bouchard and Mario Pouliot, but more importantly it starts in frigid rinks all over Quebec and the Atlantic Canada.

The Huskies scouting staff have done a phenomenal job over the years.

Dan LeBlanc and Raphael Pouilot had incredible runs in the organization’s Head Scouting role.

The Huskies have taken a Detroit Red Wings approach over the years hiring former alumni to continue to insure “the Huskie way” lives on.

It’s all about culture.

It’s all about dealing with the person first and the player second when it comes to the Huskies.

For the Huskies it all about believing in the person and player and giving them an opportunity to have success within the framework and culture of the organization.

Photo Credit Vincent Either

It’s all about the philosophical alignment between their coaches and scouts.

Role identity, communication and a willingness to give players time to develop separates the Huskies from the rest of the pack.

It’s all about culture and being on the same page and you certainly can’t fake that.

You either have it embedded and engrained within the very fabric of the organization or you don’t.

There’s just no faking culture.

There’s no faking “the Huskie way.”

Have you ever noticed organizations that are searching for their culture talk about it endlessly, while the true class organizations let their culture speak for itself.

The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies have and will continue to build championship caliber teams from the ground up year after year because of it’s all about culture.

All of the people at the helm understand what it takes to be successful on and off the ice.

It’s about having the right people in place at every level within the organization and trusting them explicitly to do their job while buying in to “the Huskie way.”

The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies are building toward something special yet again due in large part to their veterans, alumni, scouts, coaching staff, but most of all their culture.

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