4th Overager Rule Dividing the CHL?

It would appear the Canadian Hockey League is divided.

It’s two against one!

A source revealed earlier tonight that the Western Hockey League and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League are in favour of the implementing a fourth overager while the Ontario Hockey League want no part of it.

It appears the great overage debate will rage on, but the countdown to a decision is approaching.

With the OHL and the WHL set to start in December and the QMJHL ready to go by October 1st, it appears a decision would have to be made one way or another very soon.

It would also appear some QMJHL organizations are only going with the standard three overagers as part of their 34/36 training camp roster.

There’s tons of pros and cons to all sides of the fourth overager debate, but the real question that should be asked is why not?

Ultimately NHL organizations will undoubtedly have final say on where they want their prospects playing come this fall and perhaps NHL organizations have the final say in the what direction the CHL will ultimately take.

Maybe the CHL is at the mercy of the NHL and it’s partnering leagues?

One would think this could be a win win for all parties involved.

The CHL would be considerably stronger with a fourth impact overager on each club.

Nevertheless, by early December that could all change when NHL and AHL franchises come knocking and snatching up their prospects.

If the CHL was to allow the fourth overager it would provide other “20’s” an opportunity to continue to play at the major junior level and continue to develop and gain even more opportunities for pro hockey or follow their educational goals and aspirations.

What’s the CHL’s mission statement?

What’s the CHL’s main purpose?

Is it to produce and develop young aspiring players for professional hockey?

Is it provide quality educational initiatives for student athletes so they can pursue post secondary studies and continue to play at the USports level or produce high quality citizens and prepare them for the work force and beyond?

If the CHL do decide to modify the current rules regarding four overagers it will definitely have a trickle down effect in the world of junior hockey.

For the time being the CHL must maneuver their way around a two on one scenario.

Do they play the pass or leave it up to the goaltender to make the save on a point blank shot?

Maybe the 2-1 is turning into a 2-1 with back checker?

Obviously in this case the back pressure would be provided by the NHL and we all know how that would end?

Time will certainly tell, who the benefactor will be one way or another.

For now the great overage debate lives on.

Like any 2 on 1, you better damn well play the percentages or do you rely on instincts?

Let’s all hope for the sake of the game and the kids involved a final decision comes very soon.

For now it seems the CHL is divided!

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