Insider Trading: The Complexity of Junior Hockey Deals in 2020-2021?

Insider trading will take on an entirely new meaning in 2020-2021.

It’s evident that all assets being acquired outside the Maritime bubble of organizations in the QMJHL will have to quarantine upon arriving to their new teams.

You might not think that’s a big deal, but a player in mid season form will have to sit out two full weeks of any hockey activity, plus they won’t be allowed to enter their new billet family’s home either so the cost of making a trade this season has just gone up.

One would assume teams will want to get as many trades finalized before the season starts to ensure their new acquisitions are ready to go on October 1st.

Could we see a longer trade period window open at the midway point of the season allowing players to relocate and quarantine before the second half resumes.

Time will certainly tell, but one thing that will be very interesting to watch is the number of trades made within the division and outside of it especially given quarantine protocols.

One source revealed today that there is still some uncertainty surrounding the CHL’s potential rule change allowing the fourth overager.

Obviously overagers can be moved at any time, but it’s clear some organizations will likely want to solidify their rosters right away rather than waiting for the season to get underway.

Hockey trades this season in the major junior ranks will certainly add to the intrigue for fans and media, but will only add to the complexity of those pulling the trigger behind the scenes and trying to make deals inside and outside the divisional bubbles.

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