It’s Decision Making Time!

Now that all the administrative and logistical decisions have been made behind the scenes, it’s soon time for hockey decisions to be made.

The QMJHL and all eighteen franchises have done a miraculous job so far in organizing Training Camps and setting up quarantine protocols.

From a hockey perspective thirty four players plus two imports have made some of the decisions easier and yet extremely difficult at the same time.

There’s still room for surprises at training camp this year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be difficult decisions to make.

Business is business, but some times the business side of the game seems off side.

There’s still tons of uncertainty surrounding the fourth overager and the possibility of the CHL making an adjustment to that rule for this season.

Quarantine issues surrounding eligibility have some players and their families opting out or taking a very cautious approach.

So where will the difficult hockey decisions lie?

Well if high profile 19’s and 20’s return that will undoubtedly hand cuff organizations.

Sure it’s a fantastic problem to have and it means that teams will either elect to go with them until the start of AHL season or try to trade them right away or at the trade deadline to get the highest value.

That’s where the toughest decisions will have to be made.

Some organizations will have to make the very difficult decision to trade or part ways with an overager that they have had pencilled in for quite sometime.

They will also have to take a different approach of high profile prospects elect to opt out for this season given all the uncertainty.

There’s still room for surprises, which is exciting for the media and all those on the outside looking in, but they are the toughest ones to make for the hockey staff and the most difficult for players and their families to understand.

Hockey decisions in 2020-2021 will be very very interesting, yet extremely difficult.

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