The Real Game Changers

The game has changed on and off the ice.

It’s great to see so many players report to QMJHL Training Camps in the best shape of their lives.

Athletic Therapists and Fitness Consultants and Skill Development guru’s that work with these players are true professionals and are on the cutting edge of their field.

From the off-season to the grind of the regular season and beyond therapists and strength and conditioning coaches and equipment managers work tirelessly behind the scenes to guarantee players are always ready to perform at the highest level possible.

Every player and coach know how valuable they really are to team success.

Everyone one sees the players perform on the ice and the coaches on the bench, but the spotlight never seems to shine bright enough on the athletic therapists, equipment managers and everyone behind the scenes.

Therapists and equipment managers are the glue that hold teams together.

They are the guardians of team culture, an invaluable conduit between players and coaches.

As the game has evolved so has the role of athletic therapists and equipment managers.

You see they are the real game changers.

As QMJHL training camps are set to open, athletic therapists and equipment managers will become each franchises welcoming committee.

On what some players call the most nerve racking day of their careers at the peak of nervousness and anxiousness at Day 1 of training camp, the first two people they will see when they get to the rink or in the dressing room will be the equipment manager and therapist.

That’s how it is every day.

Show me a successful organization and I’ll show you a highly respected equipment manager and athletic therapist.

The real game changers never crave the spotlight, they have one mission and that is to help the person first, the player second, and thirdly do whatever it takes to help the organization win.

What does it take to win or create a culture of winning?

The answer isn’t as complex as you think.

All you have to do is look behind the scenes and look for the real game changers.

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