Billet Families To Play Even Larger Role Amidst Uncertainly

Billet families continue to be the back bone of junior hockey in this country.

Amidst all the uncertainty and a global pandemic billet families are opening up their homes.

It all comes with the territory, but this season will undoubtedly look a lot different for billet families.

There’s a strong sense that organizations and billet families will work together even closer than normal to help protect and keep the players safe throughout the entire 2020-2021 season.

Obviously billet families will be on the front lines making sure players remain safe and sound.

Player interaction in the community will be all but eliminated this year, so billet families with school aged children or family members that travel will have to ensure all precautions are taken to protect the player and vice versa.

The bond between billet families, players and their families run incredibly deep.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of time to communicate between the hockey mom’s and dad’s and the billet families due to the uncertainty and the recent delay in voting which the league and its organizations conducted.

Now that things are all set in place things seem to be going by warp speed.

Quarantine procedures are temporarily hindering initial face to face meetings, but the connection these families make is almost instantaneous.

With the announcement that no fans will be allowed to attend games in Quebec is a heartbreaking blow for parents of first time players.

They won’t get to see their son’s QMJHL debut.

They won’t get the full experience and excitement of that moment.

It needed to be done and parents understand it’s for the safety of everyone involved.

Nonetheless, QMJHL debuts only happen once and that moment is always shared amongst friends and family, but it’s extra special when it’s shared with the billet families.

A home away from home.

A second family that will do anything to make their newest member feel at home.

A pillar of support.

A pillar of strength.

The concern for health and safety will be shared all season long just like the love for the game and family.

It’s hard to fathom billet families playing an even larger role than ever before, but it’s about to happen in eighteen different communities across the QMJHL.

Some bonds can never be broken, family is family, and a lot of families are about to get a lot bigger come the start of QMJHL Training Camp.

Amidst all the confusion and uncertainty billet families will provide clarity, strength support, but most importantly they will all provided unconventional love.

Family is family. Hockey is hockey.

Billet families are the foundation in which Junior hockey in this country is built on.

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