Another 48 Hrs

The last 48 hours in the QMJHL had more action and suspense than Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte’s 1990 masterpiece Another 48 hours.

Nevertheless, let’s go time for the QMJHL!

The plans that have taken months to prepare will finally be executed.

Obviously there’s a few topics that are more prevalent perhaps this year than ever before. Quarantining, signing players, eligibility and the 48 hour rule.

Organizations have been very quiet with regards to signing their prospects and you can’t really blame them.

Don’t worry the commitment is there. Expect the signing announcements to be fast and furious in the upcoming days or by the end of next week.

With training camp numbers being locked in at 34 not including imports and questions surrounding four overagers still up in the air, teams have elected to take a cautious approach announcing their signed players.

What about eligibility?

I haven’t got the slightest clue about how the NCAA works.

That doesn’t mean I don’t respect the level of hockey or academics, it just means I don’t understand all the rules and regulations.

We have all heard horror stories regarding the game from both sides, but at the end of the day it’s the player and their families decision which avenue to take and you better damn well respect that.

Everyone talks about the 48 hr rule, but do they know how it works?

The 48 hour rule is in place to protect both sides, but the question that has surfaced in the last few days.

Player’s report, play inter-squad games, stay the 48 hrs, and leave all the time. It happens with every organization.

Last fall I was talking with a drafted prospect’s father.

They were still considering all of their options, but I knew the kid had stayed well after the 48 hours.

“What about the 48 hr rule,” I asked.

“We paid for him to stay after that Craig,” he said.

You see I had no idea how that all worked.

I would have paid money to see my face after he said that.

Business is business, but when families pay for their son after the 48 hrs they can stay as long as they want.

It’s the exhibition games and a plethora of other minor things that are too numerous to add that ruin or eliminate their eligibility.

Now given all the parameters with COVID-19 restrictions set in place it remains to be seen what direction some families will take.

It’s go time for the QMJHL and we should applaud all of their efforts and the organizations for their tireless effort in keeping everyone safe and healthy during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Happy quarantining everyone and best of luck at Training Camp.

Oh what about quarantining and eligibility?

I have reached out to several sources for the answer to that “burning” question. It appears that parents will have to pay for quarantining to protect their child’s eligibility.

Rules are rules and they will have to followed by the letter when it comes to these matters.

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