What About the Concessions?

There’s more questions than answers right now for the Canadian Hockey League.

Obviously the CHL model needs fans in the stands to work.

30 to 40% capacity seems like the best case scenario right now, but it’s all about keeping everyone involved safe and healthy.

There’s a sense that if things do get started in October in the QMJHL that concessions might be drastically reduced in some rinks which could take another financial toll on major junior organizations.

Big markets across the CHL will undoubtedly lose money, but they will survive because of their loyal season ticket holders and fan base.

That also brings into question the number of season ticket holders and what if scenarios.

Like what if an organization has more than 40% capacity just with season tickets holder would they hold a lottery for certain games?

Small market teams will inevitably struggle because the majority ofrevenue that they generate is through the gate.

Gate and concessions that is.

It’s no secret, concessions is where most organizations make their hay so to speak.

With attendance numbers being reduced, concessions will also take a massive hit.

The other question regarding concessions is social distancing protocols.

We have all been in packed barns, it’s almost impossible to move through the mezzanine due to large crowds and lines.

There’s no question organizations and facilities are trying to make the best of it and are frantically planning amidst all of the uncertainty.

Obviously intermissions won’t look anything like they used to, which will drastically effect concession sales.

Long lines and large crowds won’t be tolerated.

Could the league or organizations look to extend intermissions to alleviate large crowds and hungry fans from the mezzanine areas?

It’s unclear whether provincial governments will subsidize CHL organizations during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

I’ve never been great at math, but teams and facilities look to lose considerable amounts of revenue if concessions profits are down which is inevitable given the attendance restrictions.

Everyone loves rink food. Everyone loves hockey. Everyone loves wearing masks?

Some hockey fans may flat out refuse to wear a mask to watch Major Junior hockey.

No official announcements have been made, but there’s a strong sense that masks will be mandatory in order to watch hockey this season.

I hate to say it, but mandatory mask rules may also reduce attendance, which is really sad in my opinion.

The great mask debate won’t be up for debate at all when it comes to attending hockey games in 2020-2021.

One could assume it might be mandated by league, the organization, but in all likelihood it will be mandated by Public Health and rightfully so.

Let’s all get masked up, eat some rink food and drink some high priced beers all for the sake of helping Major Junior hockey.

Every franchise needs your support now more than ever.

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