It’s Go Time!

It’s Go Time!
It’s go time for the QMJHL.
The vote that has been put off on three separate occasions has now passed easily.
It looks like the puck will drop on October 1, 2020 as planned.
Some organizations have already made plans to start bringing players in for quarantine as early as Sunday.
It’s wheels up for the QMJHL!
Obviously imports will be flying in within the next few days or weeks.
Parents and players alike have been in a holding pattern for the better part of a week to hear official word from the league.

With Q training camps to open by the end of August, teams will only have a month to prepare after the quarantining their players.
It looks like teams will be putting players up in separate hotel rooms for the full two week period.
One would assume each team will be responsible for reinforcing curfews and quarantine procedures over that time period.
A source confirmed that the provincial government of Quebec is definitively on board with the plan to start the 2020-2021 campaign.
At the end of the day organizations across the QMJHL will undoubtedly be looking for potential financial assistance given the various restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

The same source confirmed that the government of Quebec will kick in a substantial amount for each franchise to help ease expected losses due to COVID-19 restrictions. No exact number was given, but one would assume it’s a very substantial amount given the fact that the league as confirmed that all games in Quebec will be played behind closed doors.

One could only imagine how hard the QMJHL and it’s franchises have worked to bring this plan to action.
It’s go time for the QMJHL.

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