Surprise, Surprise the Islanders are on the Rise

The Charlottetown Islanders pulled off the surprise of the 2020 QMJHL Draft!

Well there was the Jakob Pelletier trade to Val d’Or, oh yeah and the a Remparts selecting Evan Nause.

I guess some things never change, like the Islanders playing second or third fiddle once again, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Islanders are certainly on the rise.

Jim Hulton and his staff have done amazing work over the last few seasons building towards something special.

Could we see that plan come together quicker than once thought?

You see that’s what makes the Colten Ellis acquisition so surprising and intriguing at the same time.

Are the Islanders going to use Ellis as a trade piece during the Trade Period or is this the first indication of the Islanders intentions to build a championship contender?

Ellis’ exploits between the pipes in the QMJHL are extraordinary.

The kid from Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia is arguably the best netminder in the QMJHL.

There’s no question teams at Christmas or whenever the upcoming Trade Period begins will pay a fortune to have a veteran tendy like Ellis between the pipes for the post season.

Nevertheless, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The Islanders goaltender of the future Jacob Goobie will have another year of tutelage under an amazing person and mentor in Ellis.

Goobie was Matthew Welsh’s understudy for the past year which undoubtedly fast tracked his progression as well.

The burning question remains does Hulton have an ace in the hole?

Are the Islanders going to land another critical piece in the up coming days?

With all the uncertainty regarding our current situation and with countless players reconsidering their options south of the border, could the Ellis deal be the first step toward landing highly touted scoring forward Ryan Greene?

I realize one player doesn’t signal an entire organization’s intentions, but Greene is the one piece the Islanders have been missing for quite sometime, a dynamic scoring and offensive threat and playmaker through the middle.

I might be reaching here, but could you imagine if the Islanders land Greene and land a key free agent or two from Ontario, which Hulton is known for plus have Nikita Alexandrov return.

Obviously, the Isles would need some more help on the backend, but that could probably taken care of via a trade.

Let’s think about this for a minute how many 19 year old defenceman are currently available?

I could think of one in particular that would probably love to play in home province and could put the Islanders over the top.

Obviously it’s pure speculation and I might be reading too much into this, but the Islanders are close.

Jim Hulton and his band of hard working blue collar players are definitely due for a long run at playoff glory.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the Islanders are on the rise!

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