The 2020 QMJHL Draft: Trades, Talent, Projections, the Latest

The QMJHL Draft is like no other.

The QMJHL does it the right way. No other league in the CHL showcase their incoming prospects like the Q.

For the first time in what seems like an eternity the QMJHL Draft day tradition will be put on hold. Due to the horrific COVID-19 pandemic, the QMJHL will be forced to run their draft day festivities online.

The 2020 Draft class is exceptionally deep on defenceman and also features top tier game breaking forwards.

Draft day in the Q is always filled with a plethora of blockbuster trades that signify a multitude of teams intentions for the up coming year.

One could speculate that there could be a record setting amount of draft day deals this June, due in large part to the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming season.

Why would you make a trade if there could potentially be no season?

That’s a very valid question to consider, some organizations might elect to stay status quo, make the deals they already have in place and stand pat, business as usual and hang on to key assets until things become clearer.

Nevertheless, some organizations may elect to go to full throttle and make all their deals now to ensure they have everything in place when the season kicks off whenever that might be.

There’s one major factor that could drastically effect QMJHL teams intentions moving forward and that’s the CEGEP Rule.

Stand pat or go full throttle?

Projecting and predicting future success is the name of the game come draft day, but that certainly has taken on a new meaning this time around.

There’s one thing for sure the 2020 QMJHL Draft will be like no other.

As the QMJHL ushers in a new class of elite level prospects to the league, organizations will be more focused than ever before on the present and future of their hockey clubs confronted by the unknown.

Drafting and developing is essential for any organizations success, but that has taken on entirely new meaning this season with so much uncertainty looming.

The team that can effectively predict, project, solidify and execute their plan of attack could have the upper hand on their competition for years to come.

Draft the best player? Draft for organizational need?

Trade for assets to build a championship contender this season or stay patient and wait and see?

The 2020 QMJHL Draft will be like no other.

The Latest News:

  1. It would appear that the Val D’Or Foreurs are shopping the 8th overall pick. The Foreurs believe they have a championship caliber team.
  2. Rumours of Evan Nause coming to play in the QMJHL are unfounded at this time. Nause is following his own path in the game and everyone should respect that.

3. Are the Moncton Wildcats trying to get into the 1st round? The Wildcats have two tremendous assets in Jakob Pelletier and Jordan Spence. It wouldn’t be a surprising to see Ritchie Thibeau pull of trade to move into the 1st round, but the trade partner would have to pay an amazing price.

4. Are the Saint John Sea Dogs trying to move players and the 3rd overall pick? It would appear that Trevor Georgie is trying to move the 3rd overall pick. As for moving roster players, one could speculate with the recent additions up front Georgie could be trying to move some forwards. Sources have reported the asking prices are “very high”

5. It would appear some organizations are trying to bridge the gap with players on their protected lists, who have committed to US College route, With all the uncertainty teams have been reaching out as recently as this morning to gauge interest.

Live Coverage of the QMJHL Draft will be featured on the QMJHL Facebook pg and Youtube page.

FDS’s Quick Shift Podcast will have a Predraft show airing at 6:50 and full 1st round analysis starting at 7:30 on the FDS Podcast Network’s Facebook pg

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