Hockey players come in all shapes and sizes. Hockey is no longer a big man’s game, or is it?

The game may have changed, but for some, size still reigns supreme.

Every organization from major junior to the professional ranks are constantly looking for a player that can create offense and contribute every time they step on the ice.

Size shouldn’t matter, but often times it does.

The game may have changed, but the need for difference makers remains the same.

Whether they are 6’6, 5’8 or 5’4 every scout is in search of an impact player that can change the complexion of a game and become a difference maker.

Charlottetown, PEI’s own Colby Huggan wants to prove that he can be an impact player at the next level.

At 5’9, 130 pounds some scouts and organizations might question Huggan’s size and strength, but they never question his drive, will to compete and amazing skill.

Huggan wants prove he belongs and prove them wrong.

“I think my hockey IQ and compete level will get me through with playing bigger guys,” confessed Huggan.

The highly skilled playmaking center has been answering the question around his size throughout his entire career.

The offensively gifted forward is currently ranked 57th overall on the QMJHL CSR Final Draft List.

The crafty point producing center offered up this advice for other players of his stature wanting to leave their mark on the game.

“I would tell younger kids don’t pay attention to the people who tell that you’re too small.”

“Go prove them wrong and show them that you can play with the bigger guys in the league.”

The Charlottetown Knights rookie did just that.

Photo Credit The Guardian

“This season definitely was a little nerve wracking just because you want do the best you can and you set such high expectations,” admitted Huggan of pressures of his draft year.

“As the season went on I definitely learned how to cope with the nerves.”

Huggan had an outstanding rookie season in the NB/PEI Major Midget League.

In 33 games, Huggan bulged the twine 12 times while adding 25 helpers and 59 PIM’s

The dynamic highly skilled playmaking center has the ability to take over games with his instincts and smarts in all three zones.

Photo Credit The Guardian

Huggan possesses tremendous puck skills and elite level hockey sense.

The speedy fifteen year old was arguably one of the most skilled rookies in the entire league this past season playing for a very young team.

The Knights had a very young hockey club which experienced their share of ups and downs this season.

On many a nights this Huggan amongst other rookies were leaned heavily on to carry the team.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing this year.”

“Out team was young and we struggled for a bit, but it definitely made us tighter as a group.”

“We would do anything for one an other,” Huggan said proudly.

Spoken like a true team first guy.

It’s clear Huggan set the bar high when admiring and emulating his hockey heroes as a young boy growing up on the outdoor rinks or playing ball hockey.

“As a kid I definitely looked up to the Sidney Crosby’s and Connor McDavid because they are just beyond good,” Huggan said.

“I also love watching Patrice Bergeron play because I try and mock my game after him.”

Definitely three great role models, leaders and future hall of famers to look up to and emulate.

From a scouting perspective Huggan’s skill, drive and determination jumped off the page.

The opportunity to play and be drafted into the QMJHL isn’t lost on the young modest kid from the Island.

“Being drafted by a QMJHL team would be very special.”

“It would be a dream come true,” Huggan said proudly.

Where does he see himself fitting in at the Q level?

“I see myself fitting right into a QMJHL team, but I definitely will go through some struggles with facing older stronger men,” he said.

Huggan’s ability to spot the open man and create time and space for himself will undoubtedly translate to the next level.

Huggan is taking all the necessary steps required individually to make the jump to the QMJHL as seamless as possible.

“I’ve been working on my strength part of the game for sure, but also my explosive part of the game as well,” said Huggan when asked what he was doing this off season to prepare.

“To play at the next level I think I have to work on making quicker plays with the puck because the Q is so much more faster.”

The dream of playing at the next level is shared.

Huggan is quick to point out the impact his parents have had on his journey in the game.

“My parents have made a lot of sacrifices to get me to where I am today.”

“It means a lot to me.”

“Instead of going to Florida for a family vacation, our family vacations would be at hockey tournaments,” explained Huggan.

Harold and Heather Huggan were always their to pick their son up off the ice as youngster when he was first discovering his passion and love for the game.

That unwavering dedication and drive for the game of hockey lives on today each time Colby Huggan laces them up.

“My earliest memories of playing is me barely being able to skate and just crawling around ice and playing with the snow.”

From subtle beginnings in the game to being a difference maker, Colby Huggan has his sites firmly set on accomplishing his lifelong dream to play the game he loves at the highest possible level.

“I’m very excited to see what my future holds.”

“I’ve dreamed about it my entire life,” Huggan said of one day skating on QMJHL ice.

Hockey players come in all shapes and sizes. The game may have changed, but the need for difference makers remains the same.

Sometimes all that it takes is the size of their heart that will determine their destiny within the game.

The team that decides to select Colby Huggan will be drafting an exceptionally skilled player, a future difference maker and a very mature well spoken young man eager to leave it all the line to win.

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