In the Shadows

Kyle Foreman doesn’t get the hype or accolades, he does all of the work in the shadows.

The Woodstock, New Brunswick product simply does his job.

Game in, game out, you know exactly what you are going to get from the 18 year old versatile two-way gritty forward.

An honest effort and an unwavering will to compete and win.

Kyle Foreman applied his trade in the Maritime Hockey League for his hometown team the Slammers in 2017-2018 before cracking the Cats lineup the following year.

There’s no question Kyle Foreman’s impact on the Moncton Wildcats is often overlooked.

He might not put up big numbers or make flashy offensive plays, but

the hard working kid from Woodstock brings other invaluable intangibles every time he steps on the ice.

Kyle Foreman is a player that does all the little things it takes to win and the plays the game the right way.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

There’s been no short cuts in Foreman’s journey to the QMJHL. The high energy gritty winger has earned his place in the league and on the Wildcats.

Foreman has been a staple on the Cats bottom six for the last two seasons doing all the dirty work that comes with that role.

There’s no question Foreman has embraced his role and identity on the Cats.

When given the opportunity to play up in the lineup Foreman has flourished.

That’s the true indicator of the type of skill and character Foreman truly possesses.

It’s all about “team” when considering Kyle Foreman and his role and impact on the Cats.

Foreman is definitely in the shadows considering the plethora of other high profile forwards on the Cats, nevertheless, his role and impact on a highly skilled team is only truly appreciated and understood by the people that matter most, his teammates and coaching staff.

You may not see Kyle Foreman’s name on the stat sheet, but his impact goes beyond that aspect of the game.

Foreman consistently does all of his work in the shadows, the dirty areas where very few like to go.

You can win a lot of hockey games and the games that matter the most when you have players like Kyle Foreman in your lineup.

Role player, energy player, honest player, underrated and understated, that’s Kyle Foreman.


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