Benoit Olivier Groulx, A Perfect Fit for the Moncton Wildcats

Benoit Olivier Groulx was one of the most hated players by Wildcat faithful. That will all change soon enough. BO Groulx will quickly become a fan favourite in this city when he dons the red white and blue in January.

Benoit Olivier Groulx is a pro, there’s no other way to put it.

From the moment he entered the QMJHL you could just tell he was a special talent that understood his place in the game.

Confident, humble, driven and hard working that’s Benoit Olivier Groulx.

That’s what makes yesterday’s news so heartbreaking.

When TSN’s Mark Masters broke the news of Groulx’s release from the World Junior Team the hockey world certainly came to the youngster’s defence.

Obviously, there has to be a better way.

Hockey is a business, we all get that, but Hockey Canada doesn’t come out of this looking too good after yesterday.

Send a team to Europe only to cut a player and send them home a few days later?

That’s not cool, but that’s the business side of the game.

Said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes the business side is way off side. Nevertheless, if there’s one player that understands the business side it’s Benoit Olivier Groulx.

He’s grown up around the game his entire life, but that certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

I can’t imagine what that young man went through yesterday.

Can you just imagine that flight home, just devastating.

The Anaheim Ducks Prospect has worked tremendously hard to get to this point in his career. BO Groulx is all heart and soul, he’s a fierce competitor that always plays for the name on the front of the jersey not the one on the back.

Game in, game out you always know what you are going to get from BO Groulx, and that’s his best!

The Halifax Moosheads built around him and now the Moncton Wildcats believe that Groulx can get lead them to a championship or two.

There’s always going to be difficult and devastating decisions made at this time of year with regards to the World Junior roster. Unfortunately Benoit Olivier Groulx’s name will always be associated with being cut from the team, but that obviously doesn’t make him any less of a player or person.

Benoit Olivier Groulx is a pro and will have a fantastic pro career, World Junior experience or not.

You can rest assured BO Groulx will rebound from all of this.

I’m not one to make a lot of predictions, but Benoit Olivier Groulx will have a monumental second half for the Moncton Wildcats.

Groulx will more than likely play with Alexander Khovanov and Jakob Pelletier on the Cats Top line. Actually the Cats have two top lines if you think about it. Depending on the Cats new bench boss, Groulx might even find himself on a line with Cyr and McKenna.

You see it doesn’t really matter where Groulx plays, quite simply BO Groulx loves the game, it’s firmly entrenched in his DNA.

He plays the game the right way, he doesn’t cheat, or take short cuts.

He’s a heart and soul player that stands up for his teammates, scores big goals, takes big face offs and kills penalties.

I still can’t believe he was cut yesterday.

Groulx is a low maintenance highly skilled responsible two-way player.

That’s a very rare combination in this day and age.

Don’t believe me just watch what he will bring to the Cats line up in January.

His versatility and complete 200ft game will definitely shine bright.

There’s no question, Benoit Olivier Groulx will be a major catalyst in the Cats success moving forward.

In 246 career games in the QMJHL Groulx has 229 points 248 PIMs and is a +42.

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