Observations From the Rink: Your Attitude Is Getting In the Way

So you think you are really good eh? You think you’re the best player on the ice? You think you’re so damn good you can afford to run your mouth the entire game?

Some people think that’s confidence, compete level and grit. Others see it for what it really is, immaturity, cockiness and a bad attitude. Trust me your attitude is getting in the way or it will eventually get in the way. Oh that rights you know best, you’re a star.

You da man.

You think you can do it all by yourself, that’s probably why you wait until the last second to pass. You give the impression of being tough by throwing the big hit late or behind the play, but how many times are you first to pucks or take a hit to make a play?

How many primary assists do you have? How many face-offs have you won? What’s your plus minus? How many blocked shots do you have this season? How many bad penalties have you taken? Oh it’s probably the refs fault right, because you mouth off at them to.

Why do you always miss the open man or the window to pass the puck? It’s too late when you pass, it’s always too late, but it’s never too late to change your ways.

It’s never too late to change your attitude, but hey, you know best. Sure you have phenomenal talent, but that’s not going to be enough at the next level.

Don’t believe me?

That’s ok, you’re learn the hard way or maybe you won’t. Trust me your attitude is getting in the way and it will continue to get in the way, if you don’t change it.

It’s not grit, it’s not compete level, it’s selfishness and undisciplined play and it’s starting to shine through brighter than your talent. To be brutally honest that’s really too bad, it’s a shame actually, because you are probably one of the best I’ve seen. You really have the potential to be a star. If you want to be?

You have all the tools, all the attributes to play at the next level, if you really want to? You see you still have so much to learn. Every time you mouth off or run your mouth you put a target on yourself and your teammates. Every time you laugh at your opponent you are disrespecting them and the game.

Every time you don’t pass the puck you reveal your true character and personality.

I realize perception isn’t the greatest indicator of future behaviour, and you will probably mature and grow up a lot in the next few months and year, but your antics are getting old, and may very well hinder your development. You see your attitude is getting in the way. Speaking of perception.

Do you think you are a good teammate? Do your teammates want to play with you? Do you criticize your teammates? How’s your relationship with your coaches? Do you criticize them to? How coachable are you? How do you think your teammates and coaches describe you as a person and as a player? What do you think they would say about you if a team from the next level asked them? Do you run your mouth in practice the same way you run it in a game? Do you trash talk your own goaltenders when you score in practice? Do you honestly think that will float at the next level? How do you think you will be received at the next level by your coaches and teammates? You see maybe your attitude is or will get in the way? How would you handle getting healthy scratched as a rookie? How would you handle limited playing time next year? How would handle being put in a checking role or taken off specialty teams?

What leadership qualities do you have? How would you describe yourself as a player? How do you handle adversity? How’s your attitude? What’s your greatest attribute other than your skill?

Good luck the rest of the way, I really hope your attitude doesn’t get in the way.

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