Who’s Next?

John Torchetti was suppose be the Moncton Wildcats guy.

He was supposed to lead them to the promise land.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

He might still be the guy, but right now no one knows?

The Wildcats were well on their way on a championship trajectory with John Torchetti behind the bench until Friday night.

Things happen fast in the game these days, but the last 48 hours have been like warp speed for the Wildcats organization.

Stephane Leroux from RDS has reported that there is “une chicane interne”

My French isn’t the greatest, but that isn’t good.

Again just speculation right now that there’s inner conflict between Team President Mr Robert Irving and John Torchetti is just that speculation.

Obviously, details of a possible behind closed door meeting after Friday’s victory over the Armada has lead to the events that have transpired over the past two days is just pure speculation.

Nonetheless, with all the rumours circulating and uncertainty one can only speculate that John Torchetti may have coached his final game in Moncton.

So this is what we know.

1. John Torchetti didn’t make the trip to Cape Breton.

2. The Wildcats organization haven’t released a statement as of yet explaining the circumstances of him missing the trip.

3. Times Transcript Sports Reporter and Wildcats beat writer Neil Hodge reported that Torchetti’s locker was cleaned out.

If in fact Torchetti’s tenure is over the obvious question remains who’s next?

Who will take over behind the Cats bench and lead arguably the best team in the QMJHL and country to a championship or two?

John Torchetti was hired due in large part to the familiarity with the organization.

His coaching resume speaks for itself.

If in fact there was an internal issue or disagreement between management and Torchetti it more than likely has been festering for quite sometime, because the timing of this is gut wrenching given the most important Trade Period in team history is only fourteen days away.

Again, there’s no confirmation that a conflict as transpired at this time, but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

That still doesn’t answer the burning question who’s next?

Well front running candidates for such a high profile job as this are few and far between.

One would assume familiarity has to be at the forefront of any search for a new coach at this time if in fact Torchetti has been fired.

Which again we don’t know if that has actually happened.

So what coaches would fit the bill?

At the top of the list would be none other than Ted Nolan.

Nolan has had tremendous success here in Moncton and is familiar with the city and culture around the organization.

Photo Credit Getty Images

If Nolan was considered that brings Danny Flynn’s name into this as well, nevertheless I can’t see Flynn leaving the NHL Scouting ranks at this time.

Another front runner would be former Ottawa Senators Head Coach Guy Boucher.

Boucher has a very solid coaching resume and obviously has experience in the QMJHL. With Boucher one would also assume Martin Raymond would also be along for the ride.

Option three right now if in fact Torchetti has been relieved of his duties would be to stay status quo with former NHLer and longtime Pro Darryl Boyce as Head Coach along with Ryan Salvis leading the way.

Uncertainty and speculation is running ramped right now and until an official release is made by the Wildcats organization it will remain purely that.

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