This Changes Everything, Jeremy McKenna’s return to the Moncton Wildcats

The Moncton Wildcats just hit the jackpot with the return of “The Summerside Sniper” Jeremy McKenna.

That’s right Jeremy McKenna is coming back to the Hub City for his overage year.

This changes everything for the Cats, but it also means one of the current 20’s are going to be out of job, which is upsetting especially this far into the season.

One can only hope that player lands on their feet within the QMJHL to finish out their career.

As they say that’s just business, but sometimes the business side of the game offside.

McKenna’s unexpected return to the QMJHL follows the high scoring wingers recent demotion from the Stockton Heat of the American Hockey League.

McKenna was sent down to the Kanas City Mavervicks of the ECHL on Thursday, but the news first broke early Tuesday morning.

That’s when some of the speculation surfaced of McKenna’s possible return to the junior ranks.

McKenna was caught in a numbers game in the Flames organization, with the big club signing a few players to two-way contracts and then electing to send them down to Stockton.

McKenna’s dream of playing pro hockey may be on hold right now, but it’s clear the snipers return to the Cats makes them a true contender and back in position to go all in and make a run for a championship or possibly two.

McKenna will probably be slotted in with Mika Cyr and Elliott Desnoyers on Monday when he returns to practice.

With the sniper coming back it gives the Cats two elite scoring lines and a big boost to the clubs power play.

McKenna’s return balances out the teams top six which also boosts the Cats bottom six.

It’s clear “The Summerside Sniper’s” return changes everything.

Nonetheless, its going to be interesting to see what direction Torchetti will take with regards to line combinations and the overage decision.

As for Jeremy McKenna’s projected numbers as an overager in the Q, well I’m no stats guru, but let’s just say the kid could quite possibly eclipse the 50 goal mark with relative ease if he and his line mates stay healthy.

The Summerside Snipers return really changes everything.


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