A quick thought from each #NFL Week 4 game…

– No matter what happens on Monday Night Football, Mike Tomlin’s job is one of the safest in the NFL.
– The Browns hype train is still soaring on the tracks, the Browns themselves just decided to hop off.
Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur both deserve credit for the Packers’ hot start. They now need to get on the same page.
– The Falcons are lost…
– The Bills defense is better than the Patriots defense. And this may be the best Patriots defense we have ever seen.
– The Chiefs can have bad games… on the road… and probably still win. Until the playoffs anyways.
– A hobbled Cam Newton is not better than a healthy backup that most of us have never heard of.
Vontaze Burfict deserves to be suspended forev… Nvm.
– The Dolphins are challenging the 2017 Browns for the most painful season ever.
– The Redskins are 12 games away from a full regime change.
Russell Wilson might be the most appropriately paid QB in the NFL.
– The Bucs are always good for a surprise or two each season… but no more than two.
– There is no way Mitch Trubisky gets a second contract from the Bears.
– The Minshew Magic is real.
– This is why you pay big for a backup QB, even when your starter is Drew Brees.

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