The New Brunswick High school football season is finally upon us and it wouldn’t be the same without our weekly predictions. We have all 3 of our analysts returning for a second season after a very fun, and close season #1. This season should be much more interesting with the new format, which has the league broken off in 3 separate divisions. This is something that should help make some of the very lopsided scores to disappear.

Last season we did see some very one sided scores and I think football NB was really trying to get away from that, and trying to create a more competitive and appealing product of football for the players and the fans.

Week 1 has presented us with some very intriguing matches in both division 2 and the 9 man league, which should make it difficult for our analysts to predict accurately. The only thing they had to go by was the results of a few exhibition games and scrimmages that were played around the province. The 2nd division in particular should be very competitive, if the exhibition game between l’Odyssee and Harrison Trimble was any indication.

Note: There are no division 1 games this week.  Here are the week 1 predictions:

Analyst Records

Pistol Pete : 0-0
Mister Freeze : 0-0
Coach Zen : 0-0

Division 2

Olympiens de L’Odyssee @ Saint Malachy’s Memorial Saints

Pistol Pete : “Saints 21-17”
Mister Freeze : “Olympiens 21-14”
Coach Zen : “Saints 31-21”

Mathieu Martin Matadors @ Harrison Trimble Trojans

Pistol Pete : “21-7 Trojans”
Mister Freeze : “21-0 Trojans”
Coach Zen : “28-7 Trojans”

Kennebecasis Valley Crusaders @ Bernice Macnaughtan Highlanders

Pistol Pete : “28-14 Crusaders”
Mister Freeze : “Highlanders 48-42”
Coach Zen : “28-21 KV”

Simonds Seabees @ Oromocto Blues

Pistol Pete : “35-7 Blues”
Mister Freeze : “35-0 Blues”
Coach Zen : “28-7 Blues”

St. Stephen Spartans @ Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors

Pistol Pete : “35-28 #Castorsnation”
Mister Freeze : “21-14 Castors”
Coach Zen : “24-21 Spartans”

9 Man league

For the first time in New Brunswick high school history, we will see some 9 man football played. This should be fun to watch and a challenge for the officials, as this will be the first time that they see this brand of football. These small schools must be very happy as the competition will be very evenly matched and will allow them to avoid playing those schools with an enrolment close to 1000 students. Week 1 will also feature a preview of the “River Bowl” game between both schools from Miramichi!

Hampton Huskies @ Sussex Regional Sonics

Pistol Pete : “21-7 Huskies”
Mister Freeze : “24-7 Sonics”
Coach Zen : “24-7 Sussex”

Harbour View Vikings @ Rothesay Redhawks

Pistol Pete : “42-14 Redhawks”
Mister Freeze : “28-0 Redhawks”
Coach Zen : “28-7 Redhawks”

James M. Hill Tommies @ Miramichi Valley Pulamoo 

Pistol Pete : “28-7 Tommies”
Mister Freeze : “7-7 TIE” (Editors note: This is the call of the week! – AJ)
Coach Zen : “21-3 Tommies”

This week should give our analysts a good idea of how strong the teams are and give us a glimpse of things to come for this season. We expect some close match-ups this week and we are excited to get out to some of the games. We hope you have enjoyed this weeks articles and that you will get out and support the kids this weekend!

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  1. Football NB has no effect on NBIAA sports. The NBIAA is trying a tiered system on 2 fall sports this season. Soccer and football, this is a major change in NBIAA philosophy which has not allowed Tiering of any sort before.


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