The Scouting Game: Comparing the Present with the Past

Scouts always compare players. That’s what we do.

On some occasions it’s wrong, but most times we get it right.

Making comparisons to other players we have seen in the past provides a measuring stick for future players and their potential. It’s another way to project, but one you have to be very careful with.

Scouting is art form, one that I haven’t mastered, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to.

So this is what makes this little scouting story kind of special.

The first time I watched the player in question play, I was truly blown away.

At 14 years old, in a small sample size, only one freaking game, the kid in question was in my opinion the best player on the ice.

Not just on his team, which wasn’t really his team because he was a Bantam call up. He was the best player on the ice for both teams.

If memory serves correctly it was damn playoff game to.

I was suppose to be there to watch 15 year olds play, not some Bantam AAA call up.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the kid. It was refreshing to see a defencemen make plays not just wrapping the puck off the boards and out.

This kid was creative!

Well keeping in quality scouting form, I instantly compared him to another flashy elite level highly skilled defencemen that I saw at roughly the same age some ten years earlier.

I never thought I would see another player as naturally gifted at skating than Kevin Gagne. I was wrong.

This Bantam kid was Kevin Gagne. He was a Kevin Gagne clone.

The small defencemen wearing a partially fogged up I-Tech with a big smile on his face, with a tremendous first pass and skating stride was Lukas Cormier.

I didn’t know the kids name, I frantically started asking randoms who the hell # so and so was, they didn’t know either.

So there I am freezing my ass off in a cold rink trying to figure out who this kid was, until I finally got the low down from a teaching colleague of mine who had a son playing on the same team.

All I could think of watching this young talented underage kid skate rings around people was holy shit this kid is good.

I left the rink that night and in the back of my mind was, wow I’m going to be able to see this Lukas Cormier kid play all next year.

Well just put it this way, he didn’t disappoint, I still think he plays like Kevin Gagne.

Well I guess Lukas Cormier plays like Lukas Cormier!!!

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