Here are our CFL Power Rankings following week 11 brought to you by Moose Light and Doyle Corporate Image!

power ranks week after week 11
Wray’s Quick Take

Winnipeg stays at my top spot as this team looked better with Nichols out. I am making a big move pushing Saskatchewan up the ladder and finally buying into this team. I love what Farjardo is bringing to the team and the league. Hamilton stays in 4th and I think that is a gift, as this is the second time they have barely gotten by the BC Lions. Montreal definitely deserves to be up higher, but I am not prepared to slide them in front of Hamilton yet. That could change next week.

Andy’s Quick Take

For the second time this season, my power rankings have not moved at all after a full week of games. The Andrew Harris news is big, but I will give it a game before I react as usual. The only move I was tempted to make was putting Montreal at the 5th spot ahead of Calgary, who they beat last week. I may regret not doing it. Oh, and I am starting to think Toronto is actually better than Ottawa in spite of the difference in records.

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