My Passion – Football

I’ve recently started listening to The Rod Pedersen Show podcast. I try to watch the Facebook live show but it’s tough being that it plays in the middle of the afternoon. I have been trying my best to become a CFL fan, with the hopes that the Atlantic Schooners will actually come to life.

Over the past few years while covering the CFL on our podcast in its own separate show, I have made reference to the fact that I am a NFL fan. Even worse, a life time Buffalo Bills fans. I have been advised many times over the past 3 years that real CFL fans don’t watch the NFL. In fact, I see numerous conversations where a debate is made that the CFL is a superior league to the NFL. Well as a Canadian I try to stay away from those discussions, because I’ve been to many NFL games, in numerous stadiums including London, England, and the NFL is at a completely different level than any sports league in North America.

Anyways, back to Rod Pedersen! Here is what I love about Rod… Even though he is in Saskatchewan, in the middle, and most likely the heart and soul of the CFL World, he has no problem talking about NFL topics each day on his show. How is this possible??? How do CFL fans put up with this with the NFL intolerance I see on social media? With the things I have had CFL fans say to me after bringing up the NFL in a post or in a comment?

Rod does not give a $%$%^ and I love it. He speaks his mind on all topics and I am proud of the fact that we have a Canadian Sports talk show that will talk NFL, CFL, and Hockey all on one show. I know TSN Radio does this as well, but Hockey is always the dominant subject with them. And even though they talk both CFL and NFL, it’s always a small percentage of the show.

Well I have something in common with Rod and his guests on the show… I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

I am a football fan first. After that, a Buffalo Bills fan, who I grew up watching. An NFL fan… CFL Fan… an AUS – Football Conference fan… a USports Football fan… and a Maritime Senior Men’s and High School Football fan!!!

That’s right, I love all levels of Football. Whether it’s the coaches, the players, officials, parents, or anyone else that helps make this game take place each week. I was recently hurt by a discussion that I had with a local coach in Moncton about his perceived feelings about how I feel about a level of football in the area.

If I haven’t made myself clear above, let me go a step further. I don’t care if teams are playing 12 Man, 11 Man, 10 Man, 9 Man, or 6 Man. Yes, even female football, I love it all. I have officiated all levels of football in Canada (other than professional), and I truly enjoy myself in every game no matter what takes place.

I volunteered in a golf tournament today in Moncton and proudly wore my Winnipeg Blue Bombers hat. As the foursomes rolled through, I saw numerous NFL hats, from Green Bay, to Pittsburgh, Dallas, and yes even the Patriots. A few of those fans noticed, and complimented me on my W hat so we started chatting about the CFL and the possibility of the team coming to the Maritimes. I can tell you, that topic spiked up the level of excitement in the conversation. Sports allow people to connect through the passion they have for their teams and leagues. Though I may never see these people again in the future, we had a great chat, and some laughs today talking about Football.

So here we go! Tomorrow is the CFL Alumni golf tournament… Saturday is the Schooners meet and greet party, and the Montreal Alouettes play the Toronto Argos on Sunday! It’s going to be a great weekend of making new contacts, friends, and having plenty of conversations about my passion in life… Football!!!


  1. A man after my own heart. CFL, NFL Arena Football, eight-man high school football, It’s all good. My son and I have been doing a podcast for two years now called “This Week in The World of Football.” We talk about it all.

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  2. Could not agree more. I would be there in Moncton today but the sad reality of divorce ties me into being in Brampton / Toronto. The sadness in my life has been mitigated by my love of football and yes I agree not just the CFL. For those that hate the NFL, store this prediction in your memory bank when the CFL is in need and no one is there to help, the NFL will be there. As a born and raised Torontonian i have been blessed with major league everything. Yes the jealousness exists outside Toronto, justifiable or not. I prefer to gravitate to the love of our Canadian game of Football. Due to that I would miss deeply the historical and relevance of the Toronto Argonauts and the League they play in. The CFL may not be big in our local media it still will always be in my heart. Monton, Halifax and the rest of the Maritime Provinces I hope to soon passionately support OUR teams in Canada from Sea to shining Sea.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I grew up in Fort Erie, On which is where my love for Buffalo sports began. I went to college in Hamilton and experienced my first CFL TiCats game and loved it. Living out east for 27 years I lost touch with the CFL with no team here but damn I hope the Schooners become a reality!!!


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