Andy’s Quick Take

Calgary finally falls out of the top spot in my rankings and gets replaced by the team that beat them. Last week I had Riders fans tell me I left them too high on the list! They were calling for Collaros’ head and were signalling the end of the season. I asked them to calm down a bit, and that I was trying not to overreact. Well… just sayin’.  BC hops up to 4 and I could have even placed them above Calgary without feeling guilty. Hamilton blew it I fear, and the injury to Banks is killer.

Wray’s Quick Take

Winnipeg deserves to keep #1 despite not playing in week 19 and Rough Riders take #2 after beating Calgary. Stamps fans will not like it but this is not a good trend. BC was the victim of a numbers game and could have been 4th, but Ottawa had a huge win over the Ti-Cats with major playoff implications. Eskimo fans you gave it to me earlier this year with my ranking of Edmonton in the 7th spot…. BUT I was Right!!!