FDS Local: NB High School Football Power Rankings – After Week 5

Dear Seth,

We’re posting these early so you don’t have to text your Dad from school. If you made it back to school that is…  How was the Pizza Delight in Newcastle? Next level right?

See you soon, 

Editor AJ

And now…

Week 5 was most likely the wildest one in New Brunswick high school football history! This week we had some very surprising victories that made these power rankings a very difficult task. Harrison Trimble headlines the results with its big victory versus the previously undefeated Bernice McNaughton Highlanders. A team that many expected to breeze through the Trojans after it got upset the previous week by the Mathieu-Martin Matadors. This makes thing really interesting from here on out. In the 12-man division, Tantramar continued their perfect season with another victory, and the Fredericton High School Black Kats got their first victory of the season against their cross town rival. Here arew this week’s power rankings!

HS power ranks week 5

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