Start The Rookie

The Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced yesterday that Josh Allen will be the starting Quarterback for the Bills in week 2 of the season.  I have a couple serious questions about this move. first off, why did he select Nathan Peterman in Week 1? If Allen wasn’t ready to play then, why is he ready to play now? And second, should this coach be on the hot seat in Buffalo after trotting Peterman out there again for a huge debacle of a football game.

There are various opinions out there on how to treat rookie QBs, and I have heard many of them:

  • No better way to learn then being on the field
  • Don’t rush them, let them learn the speed of the game
  • Don’t put them in situations where they will lose confidence

Prior to the Draft, my house was going through major renovations so my two grey hounds, my wife, and I set up shop in a hotel in downtown Moncton, giving me lots of time to watch game film on Josh Allen. From the first time I saw this kid play QB, I loved his confidence, poise, size, and the power in which he can deliver the ball down field. Add to that his athletic ability to make plays with his feet when he needs to, and what’s not to like?

The funny thing about Josh Allen was the huge division the people that loved him as an NFL prospect, and the people that actually despised the thought of him being drafted. In the months leading up to the draft, I really don’t remember talking to anyone that was on the fence with this guy. People picked their sides, and would actually wage war when discussing his ability.

Our Podcast is a great example as both my brother and good friend were all about Lamar Jackson over Josh Allen. In fact, they would have preferred any of the 2018 QB’s over Josh Allen, unlike myself who loved what I saw out of this kid from the gate.

Fast forward to draft night. The Bills trade up to take this kid and at the time Josh Rosen was still on the board. Most Bills fans thought Rosen was the guy, but it turned out to be Allen and the next day the internet exploded with hatred towards this kid and the Bills decision.

Here we are in Week 2 of the season and most of these fans are now cheering for Allen to start. I can’t help but to question why? Is it because there is just no other option for Buffalo, or is it because they want Allen to get out on the field and fail so they can say I told you so?

The Bills made the playoffs in 2017-18, and based on how this roster looks I am not sure how they did it. Now I totally understand they are down 2 starting Offensive Linemen, but they upgraded their defence. However, for some reason the GM Brandon Beane didn’t address the Wide Receiver group in the off-season.

In 2017 the Bills faced the Chargers with Nathan Peterman at QB and he managed 5 interceptions in the first half of this game,  forcing the team to look back to Tyrod Taylor. Can it get any worse this week? It sure can with the offensive line that the Bills have around this Rookie QB. Again, another question is should things start off rough, will the Bills actually ride it out with the Rookie or will they turn back to Nathan? Should they bring in another vet QB for support?

There are so many questions surrounding this team early on in this season. As for me, I have a vision for these Bills, and I don’t think I am far off from what McDermott is thinking either. The only difference between myself and him is I can actually write what I am thinking.

So here is how I see 2018 playing out for the Bills. It’s going to be a LONG year, 2-14 is likely, 4-12 with some luck. 2019 they will have a Top 3 Draft Pick, Over $100 Million in Salary cap, and they will be able to unload guys like Kelvin Benjamin, Charles Clay, and Shady McCoy. Maybe then they can actually start rebuilding this team around Josh Allen!

So Bills fans, buckle up for a rough ride in 2018, and try to stay focused on the real goal… ABP!!!

(Anyone But Patriots)

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