CFL Power Rankings – After Week 2

Now that every team has played a game, I figured it was time to release my own Power Rankings. Everyone sees things differently and uses different factors when putting these ranks together. Mine are based specifically on what I’ve seen so far this season, and of course any major injuries sustained.



  1. Calgary Stampeders   (2-0) Last Week: N/A
  2. Ottawa RedBlacks   (1-0) Last Week: NA
  3. Edmonton Eskimos   (1-1) Last Week: NA
  4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers   (1-1) Last Week: NA
  5. Hamilton Tiger Cats   (1-1) Last Week: NA
  6. Saskatchewan Roughriders   (1-1) Last Week: NA
  7. BC Lions   (1-0) Last Week: NA
  8. Toronto Argonauts   (0-2) Last Week: NA
  9. Montreal Alouettes   (0-2) Last Week: NA

Quick Reaction:

I don’t think the gap between the Stamps and the next 4 teams is very wide. It wasn’t easy putting Ottawa so high after only one game, but my gosh did they look good, especially Trevor Harris after the injury scare. Edmonton is strong, they just weren’t ready for a Ti-Cats team that is much better offensively than many fans think. Streveler is a lot of fun and will keep the Bombers from slipping until Nichols returns. The Roughriders are way too thin in the secondary, and should probably just cut Duran Carter if the plan is to play him only on defence. BC looked much better than I was anticipating but I need to see more.  The Ricky Ray injury may fast track the Argos into the future, and Montreal is just tough to watch.

After two weeks, I love how competitive the league is looking.

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