MFL Season 1 for FDS

I have been a football official for 13 years and have been working the MFL games for most of that time. In the summer of 2017, I reached out to Coach Jason Terris of the Moncton Mustangs to have him on our podcast to talk some football and their big win over Saint John. I still remember Terris coming to my home studio and seeing the size of this guy, thinking I better watch my questioning! But early in the interview I realized this was one friendly giant!!

In 2018 I reached out to Coach Terris again about covering the Mustangs from a local sports perspective, as we had started handling local sports for Buzz Local Tv. Both he and I saw the benefits of doing this for both the Mustangs and First Down Sports.

From the time I started going to the field with FDS vs. being an official there was some awkwardness as I tried to grasp what we were trying to accomplish and exactly how we were going to make it happen.
I always tell recruits for officiating, if you want to learn to be a good official, go watch football games and watch what the officials are doing. So we started going to all the Mustangs home games and got to watch the stars from the team and around the league. We were really lucky with the reception that we got, not just from the home team but from other teams as well. Next thing I knew our Facebook page likes were increasing and our weekly FDSLocalSports views were going through the roof.

Here is the funny thing about all of this as we are coming to the field, we have not only players welcoming us but friends, spouses, and parents!! I have never been welcomed when arriving to the field as an official other then by head coaches or the other officials. I wonder why that is!! Ha

Then out of the blue Eric Sabean from the MFL approached me about announcing the league awards through our FB account and select a couple of awards for the Maritime Bowl which I responded to with a FAST …. YES!

Here is the funny thing as an official, I have been lucky to work many championships and been in the dressing room during the celebrations. Us officials work very hard to get that assignment. This Saturday I watched Al Gates and the crew leave the field thinking to myself that this is the first championship that I get to enjoy. Sure enough we set up our camera right in front of the Wanderers celebrating their victory and it was AWESOME!!

Here is my marketing pitch… We have more then just local sports, we have a weekly CFL and NFL shows during their respective seasons and the NFL show is even Live! We are always looking for guests to come on the podcast to talk football and have a few laughs so seeing as I am talking to the Football community here, come give us a try … Oh and hey, tell your friends about FDS as well!!

Now that that is out of the way let me just say again on behalf of Andy Jardine, Gini Bourque and myself to the League, the teams, the Players, the coaches, the officials, and especially the Mustangs for allowing this to happen…

THANK YOU!!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Wray Dunn

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