Heading into the Bills Bye Week

bills stadium

The Buffalo Bills are heading into a much needed bye week.. When Brandon Tate is your top receiver in week 5, chances are your team is experiencing injury issues. Now that being said the Bills are much better off, than my prediction, sitting at 3-2 tied for first with the Patriots and the Jets???!!! So much for tanking… 

So what do we know about the AFC East after 5 weeks…

  1. Sean McDermotts Defence is for real.. getting great production out of this unit without the full services of Marcel Darius the $100 Million disaster. The signing of Poyer, Hyde, trading for EJ Gains, as well as drafting White were great moves for the future.
  2. NE Patriots are giving us a great preview of what the future holds…Gilmour is terrible and the Defensive genius is looking more like a HS Varsity coach in the NFL at this point.
  3. NY Jets….McCowan can still play…this guy is doing a great job with a team that has very little offensive weapons.
  4. Jay Cutler should have taken that TV job…. Because with his performance this year, he will be lucky to get a job with Chris Dobson on Across the Line!!

Lots of football left….it will be interesting to see what the standings look like at the end of October but things are definitely positive in Buffalo with all the changes and I believe there is more change to come!!

Wray Dunn – Host

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