Thibeau and the Wildcats Have Options

For the first time in team history the Moncton Wildcats have three first round draft picks.

They have had two first round picks in 2017, 2009, 2008, 2001, 1999 and 1997.

Photo Credit Vincent Ethier QMJHL

The Cats made some monumental 1st round selections over the course of the team history, but very few could be larger than the upcoming 2023 QMJHL Entry Draft.

Obviously, the organization hasn’t hidden the fact that they have every intention to place bid to host the 2025 Memorial Cup.

Having three 1st rounders this year aligns the Cats almost perfectly to be more ready to contend for a championship the next two seasons.

It’s evident that the Wildcats need to add a bonafide game breaking elite level scoring forward to add to the mix. Nevertheless, with three first rounders at their disposal they definitely have options in which direction they can go.

With the 1st pick of the 2023 QMJHL Draft the Moncton Wildcats our proud to select………?

That’s exactly where the options begin!

Could Ritchie Thibeau and their scouting staff be targeting two high draft picks rather than three?

Could Thibeau be in the market to try to trade up using the 12th and 16th overall picks?

Having three first rounders provides amazing options, but in this scenario you can’t make mistakes, you have to hit on all of your decisions.

Could Thibeau be looking to trade 12 and 16 for key impact 18 year olds to sure up the Cats roster sooner rather than later?

How much value does 12 and 16 have? Could the Cats move way up within the Top 5 for those two picks?

Ritchie Thibeau is no stranger to moving up or into the 1st round of draft if the deal is right.

Could the Wildcats be targeting a particular left shot defencemen with the 1st overall pick to shore up the left side of their defensive core for years to come? Or Could the Wildcats be looking to add some familiarity to mix by targeting a family that knows the organization extremely well? Or Could they be targeting both of those players or other players by moving other assets to move up?

Could the Cats be targeting three specific players with those picks and potentially be looking at offloading other assets to add slightly older or more veteran impact players?

Which players could be available at 12 and 16? Well that remains to be seen, but you can bet your arse Thibeau and his staff have identified a short list of players they’re targeting for all three picks and they might not even be looking at trading those picks or they could also bring targeting other players for potential trade options. You can guarantee Thibeau won’t make a trade if it isn’t lucrative enough especially if it’s involving 1st round selections.

The Moncton Wildcats braintrust have tons of options which is a good problem to have when the goal is to win a championship or two.

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