A Difference Maker

Coaches coach and players, play. Obviously, we all know that, but coaches can really make a difference.

When all seemed lost, tonight after giving up the third goal on the road in a downright weird play, a play that in all my years around the game I’ve never seen.

A puck heading directly through the trapper of netminder Olivier Ciarlo.

Everyone in the rink thought it was just a bad goal, and they thought the Drakkar were done.

As Ciarlo skated to the bench in disgust and pure dismay, hockey lifer and longtime coach JF Gregoire subtly went down the bench and gestured “it’s ok, calm down” to his 3rd year netminder.

In that very moment, JF Gregoire made a difference in the hockey game and perhaps changed the entire complexion of the series.

Obviously, we all know the outcome, but in a 30 second span, Gregoire sent a subtle message to his entire hockey club, that even if they were down by three, that they weren’t out of it.

Coaches, coach, players, play, but coaches can inspire and empower.

JF Gregoire was a difference maker tonight.

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