A Tap on the Pads

It happens so much in a run of game, it often goes unnoticed, but that doesn’t take away from its importance. For some it’s ritualistic, for others it means I’ve got your back no matter what.
A tap on the pads can go a long way in boosting the confidence of any netminder that feels exposed and all alone in the crease.
It’s one of hockey’s cliches or truths depending on who you ask. “Goaltenders are a unique breed.”
The most scrutinized position in the game, is the most difficult position to play, but yet everyone seems to be an expert when it comes to delivering harsh criticism.

Photo Credit Julie Taylor Frozen Biscuit Photography

Such a small and subtle act like a tap on the pads can go such a long way in the mind of a netminder. A tap on the pads means everything for those that call the crease home.
Goaltenders undoubtedly have the toughest gig ever, and many times in a run of a season they struggle, but, not any fault of theirs, but because they are always the last line of defence.
“Let them know you’re there” takes on several different connotations in the game of hockey, but a tap on the pads and a tap on the back or tap on the top of the head after any tough sequence or save can do wonders for those behind the mask. We all know every goalie have their routines or rituals and you can set your watch to it, but that doesn’t mean the position isn’t a lonely one, “when all hell is breaking lose” in front of them. The loneliest position in the game, to the most supported, to the most scrutinized, everything can change in a matter of seconds. That’s life between the pipes.

One can never fully appreciate, grasp or understand that battle within the mind of goaltender.
A tap on the pads can go a long way.
This past weekend, I saw a player skate over to the goalie that was being pulled and give an incredibly well-timed tap on the pads.
The smallest, unexpected acts of appreciation and support have the largest impact.
Everyone deserves a tap on the pads from time to time, in hockey and in life.

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