Leaders Lead

Leaders lead, that’s who they are, that’s what they do.

Very few players in the QMJHL have the same heart, determination and passion for the game, their team and teammates as Moncton Wildcats captain Alexis Daniel.

Daniel’s unconventional path to the Q could read like any underdog script straight out of Hollywood. It’s truly amazing to see his progression as a player and leader with his hometown team. Some players and people are natural born leaders, Alexis Daniel is one of them. Nevertheless, in this day and age, in the sporting world everyone has their own definition of what a captain or leader should be. Many leaders are harshly criticized due in large part to a self-perceived and usually unattainable and unrealistic standard formed by those on the outside looking in. Those that are behind the scenes, like coaching and training staff and more importantly their teammates know full well the value of a great leader and what they bring on and off the ice.

Daniel isn’t a “raw raw” type guy, he’s a heart and soul player that leads by example. He’s quiet fierce competitor that would just about anything for anyone. He might not fit the mold of what some critics believe or perceived a captain to be, but the Wildcats know damn well what they have in their captain and that’s what matters most. Daniel does all the little things right, and plays the game the right way every time he laces them up. He’s an honest player that would go through a wall for anyone. Those that follow the QMJHL know the amount of pressure and scrutiny the Wildcats were under recently after dropping 9 of 10 games. They are certainly not out of the woods yet. The pressure cooker that is playing and performing in this market is always on. It can take a toll on any player and person. It takes a special player and person to wear the “C” for the Cats and they definitely have one in Alexis Daniel.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Character players and great leaders always find a way to fight through and overcome adversity. The Cats put one in the win column last night versus their archrivals the Saint John Sea Dogs. Alexis Daniel led the way with three assists, with those three points, he has a new career high in points with 28 in 45 games.

Leaders lead, that’s what they do and that’s exactly who Alexis Daniel is…….one hell of a leader.


  1. Love this. It is so easy to criticize especially when a team is down on their luck. A positive attitude with yourself and the rest of the team goes a long way to helping everyone turn things around for the good. Way to go Alexis . Well said Craig Eagles


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