Are They Coachable?

Are you coachable?

That’s an easy question to answer right? Every young athlete would immediately say yes to that one.

But are they really coachable?

What if you asked their current coach or former coaches?

A vast majority of coaches might not want to choose to answer that question either.

Such a small question with massive ramifications isn’t it.

Are they coachable?

Are you coachable?

In this day and age with all the entitlement seeping into the game, have young athletes grown accustomed to being selective regarding the messaging from their coach?

Obviously, players have a lot more people involved now than ever before with that process. From the skills coach, to the agent or advisor and clearly the parents(somethings will never change) when it comes to who to listen to for guidance. But what about their coach and coaching staff?

Where the hell are they on that pecking order?

You see that’s where the question resurfaces once again, are you really coachable?

If you pull any coach aside especially at the midway point or in the second half of the season and ask that question they will be less reluctant to share their authentic thoughts and feelings on the matter.

You see everyone gets really tired of playing the game when it comes to “buying in”, listening to the message and at least trying to learn, grow and develop.

You see all of that is a two way street. Now I can sit here and defend the player all day long and that they are being torn in different directions, but let’s be extremely blunt, that might be happening, but that still doesn’t answer the question about coachability?

Now isn’t the time to point the blame or question why the kid might not be coachable, now’s the time to look in the mirror and get to work on being receptive and open to instruction, guidance and coaching.

Are you coachable?

Oh for all the young draft eligible players out there, you better damn well be prepared to answer that one truthfully because 90% of organizations will ask you that or do their research revolving around that very topic. You better have proof to back up your answer.

Oh that’s right it might be too late to try to prove that. You see the evidence comes every time you lace them up, in practice or a game when you’re not receptive to your coaches instruction or when you go out on your own and do it your way.

Are you coachable?

That’s a tough question to answer if you’re not? Oh and while you’re at it, try answering these ones as well, they might come up in your draft interviews as well.

Do you think you are a good teammate?

Do your teammates want to play with you?

Do you criticize your teammates? How’s your relationship with your coaches?

Do you criticize them to?

How do you think your teammates and coaches describe you as a person and as a player?

What do you think they would say about you if a team from the next level asked them?

Do you run your mouth in practice or in games?

Do you trash talk your own goaltenders when you score in practice?

How do you think you will be received at the next level by your coaches and teammates?

How would you handle getting healthy scratched as a rookie?

How would you handle limited playing time next year?

How would handle being put in a checking role or taken off specialty teams?

What leadership qualities do you have?

How would you describe yourself as a player?

How do you handle adversity?

How do you handle criticism?

How’s your attitude?

What’s your greatest attribute other than your skill?

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