The Slippery Slope

Sometimes teams go down a slippery slope. They don’t know how it starts or where it might end, but that’s all part of the game. The Moncton Wildcats are well on their way down that path. There might be some trouble in Wildtown, but there’s still hope.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

How do teams find their way?

How do they respond when all seems lost and nothing is going right?

Every team experiences lulls or in some cases drastic ups and downs within a season. Some end with changes in personnel, while others end with the team finding their way rediscovering their depth of character and resiliency. A few short weeks ago the Cats were playing their best hockey of the season after the additions and subtractions of the trade period.

Now it seems everyone is searching for answers to their recent struggles.

There’s a multitude of reasons for a team to be on a losing streak and everyone that follows the team will have their own theories behind it. Now isn’t the time to point the finger, now’s the time to sort things out. The only answer to all those questions can be solved by the people within the organization and dressing room.

Character can reveal itself in many different ways.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

How did the Wildcats start down this slippery slope?

Some might argue the Cats were lucky on a few occasions during their hot streak and won a few games that they didn’t deserve.

Sometimes teams lose games they deserve to win as well. Usually that has a way of working itself out throughout the season.

Teams have to find a way to execute and do all of the little things it takes to win hockey games. That takes everyone within the team unit pulling in the right direction.

Bad starts, surrendering goals near the start or ends of periods and not capitalizing on the man advantage or having a slight dip in penalty kill percentage can be contributing factors to any losing streak.

When things are going well, no one thinks about that fine line between winning and losing. Nevertheless, when a group is losing every aspect of the game seems to be magnified.

Again whenever a team is going through a tough time people will automatically point the finger to behind the bench.

Losing tests everyone’s character. Now more than ever, communication and consistency is critical from a player and coaching perspective alike. One of the only ways to get out of this funk is trust.

Players and coaches alike have to trust each other now more than ever, they have to provide constructive feedback when things are going right and wrong. There’s no question the Cats are a fragile bunch, because their confidence is at an all time low, but that’s easily rediscovered by hard work and perseverance.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Consistency within the lines and D pairings needs to be reestablished while a more simplistic approach also needs to be taken on speciality teams.

Anything can happen when teams are experiencing the slippery slope. There might be some trouble or concern in Wildtown, but the sky isn’t falling.

Time will tell which approach everyone within the organization will take.

A matter of fact, the current situation might even make this hockey club better in the long run especially heading down the stretch.

The Cats are definitely looking to have an impact in the playoffs or they wouldn’t have made the moves that they did. Call it what you want, but there’s definitely buzz around the club that if they don’t win at least one playoff round this season that the year will be a disappointment.

What’s next for the slumping Wildcats?

Well I guess we will have to wait and see.

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