Right to the End

“Character is tested when you’re up against it” Dick Vermeil.

Character is what everyone is looking for. It’s always been important, but now it seems like it’s more important than ever before. Lopsided games or losing seasons are sometimes difficult to watch, but you can learn so much about certain players and their character in those situations.

It’s great to see character, grit and compete right to the end.

Obviously, some young players handle adversity and losing differently, a matter of fact we all do. Character and other intangibles a player possesses can propel them quite far in the game.

Everyone talks about certain things jumping off the page from a scouting perspective, and character is certainly one aspect of that. It’s always refreshing to see so many young players competing hard right to the end no matter what the score is. When some teams and young players struggle, poor body language becomes more prevalent and unfortunately it usually spreads like wild fire. In some cases a few of the best prospects over the years have played on teams that have struggled. Those players are relentless when it comes to doing anything and everything to help their team battle through adversity in hopes of winning and turning things around. That takes character and pride. Like the famous football coach said, character is tested when you’re up against it.

When an organization has tons of character players they never back down, they always go right to end.

Character and pride, that’s what you want to see in young up and coming players or every player for that matter.

Right to the end, character matters, it’s the one intangible that separates a lot of people and athletes. Character can be revealed in a lot different ways. Every scout sees things differently, but they want to see a player’s character.

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