Then There Was One

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

Well for many that wish has came true, now what the hell are we going to do?

For many years now there’s been an undercurrent of criticism involving local journalism and the delivery of it in this province.

Obviously, “the paper” isn’t what it used to be, but the criticism goes a lot deeper than that.

As soon as Postmedia announced they were purchasing Brunswick News Inc it was all but over.

At the time some people celebrated the sale, but perhaps the most upsetting aspect of all of this was the staff or the people that worked so tirelessly covering and sharing local stories.

Many critics would suggest the writing had been on the wall (or behind a paywall) for quite sometime, so this shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but let’s face it local stories are all but extinct.

Harsh criticism of news print across the province and the motive behind it has always been highlighted.

Nevertheless, very few were ever critical of the reporters covering the stories.

You see those local stories matter, they always have and they always will, but they will never ever look the same in our province again. Can you imagine having one sports writer to cover the entire province? Can you imagine the pressure that writer must be under right now?

By all accounts it’s true, there’s only one person to cover the entire province.

It’s ironic but the people that bitched about poor coverage or pay walled material, will now be crying about the loss of local coverage and reporting.

Obviously, people will be quick to play the blame game once again, but local sports coverage is going extinct.

The backbone of any news agency are the people and the stories they share. The best stories are often the ones that are right in front of us, that impact our families, our communities, our culture and our lives. Local sports and news coverage still means something to me. It should still mean something to all of us.

So many amazing writers have been silenced in the past few years in our province. The stories they wrote have left an indelible mark on our region.

Thanks to every single one of you, your words and amazing stories over the years provides inspiration for so many. Thanks for everything,

Then there was one.

By the way, we are in very good hands, the one writer remaining is passionate and driven to keep every local story alive.

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